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Posted by on September 5, 2018

The popular hair style follows the design concept of dynamic silky and supple coexistence, creating a novel hair style, and the hair color decoration can also make the latest hair style Chen first unique line sense and fashion trend.

Popular hairstyles

Golden modified aircraft head
The popular hairstyle of the lady’s aircraft head follows the principle of dynamic silky smoothness. It is improved on the basis of the traditional aircraft head. The golden cheap hair extensions color is embellished. The small messy presents the dynamic charm. It matches the black handsome slim suit and shows the lady’s trend. breath.

Popular hairstyles

Dynamic cool tone highlights hair color
Among the popular hairstyles, the hair color of the dynamic cold tone will also become a new trend of hair color, away from the sweet and sweet atmosphere of warm colors, into the cool beauty of cold colors, creating a dynamic and fashionable hairstyle.

Popular hairstyles

Cool tones short hairstyle
For the ultra-short fashion hairstyle, the layered cool-toned hairstyle will give the ultra-short short hair a super-three-dimensional effect, especially this hairstyle has a lot of effort on the bangs highlights, dark Ingeniously applied with light colors to create a 3D stereo effect.

Popular hairstyles

Asymmetric clipping wave head
The asymmetrical cut wave head is a more individual among the popular hairstyles, and it is also a very good hair style. This haircut directly cuts the hairstyle on the top of the cut, and the purple-brown black three-color highlighting hair color of Liu Hai adds a lot of highlights to this hairstyle.

Popular hairstyles

Smooth and straight Liu Hai dynamic long straight hair
Smooth and straight Liu Hai long straight hair has always been one of the girls’ favorite hairstyles, adding a dynamic atmosphere to this hairstyle. Under the embellishment of super-strong texture, this hairstyle exudes a dynamic and elegant atmosphere.

Popular hairstyles

Silky texture back
the back became the love of many international stars, but it was the way to create a wet hair. Among the popular hairstyles, the silky texture of the back will replace the wet hair and the back, leading the back to advance.

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