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Posted by on September 13, 2018

Micro-hair curls, refreshing short hair

A refreshing hairstyle, I believe that it is a choice of many MM in spring and summer, the smooth lines are more affectionate, the slightly curved hair ends, full of the tenderness of the little woman, the bangs of the oblique division create a small face effect!

 short curly hair

Nice fashion short curly hair

With smooth lines, the design of the front short and long, plus the tail of the C-shaped camber, the slender neck is set off, and the back of the head human hair wigs is lightly grabbed with a fluffy feel, which makes the head shape more beautiful, and the oblique bangs can be modified. The face is more degrading and brings a sense of style.

Irregular short curly hair

The irregular level, the perfect balance, strengthens the length and texture, but does not emphasize the precision of the cut, so that the contours are soft lines, and then the C-shaped and S-shaped curvature, staggered into a chaotic curve, so that the volume is rich Also fluffy.

Gold and copper short hair

Oriental hair is thicker than Westerners, slightly longer bangs can make the visual hair soften, short hair has high and low levels, the hair will be more fluffy and rich, dark brown fashion shiny, can highlight some gold and copper, Make light and shadow levels, make the hair line soft and feminine.


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