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Posted by on September 18, 2018

Although wearing a wig is very beautiful, wearing a wig can let us change the shape in a moment, and change the mood at the same time, but the many harms of the wig still deserve our attention. If it is because of hair loss, if you choose to wear a wig, you should treat it early. Hair transplantation is currently the best way to help patients with hair loss to really solve the problem.

wearing a wig

So what are the hazards of wearing wigs in the summer?

1. Summer is too hot to reduce the time with wigs, which may cause heat stroke.

2. The wigs currently sold in the market are mostly low temperature filaments, and the low temperature filaments are flammable, so the wigs need to be fireproof, and the wigs of the protein filaments are flame retardant.

3. Do not wear the wig too tightly, it is easy to cause scalp discomfort.

4. Wigs are difficult to control and are easy to cause scalp allergy.

5. Wear less dyed wigs. The national standard wig hair extensions nl has a formaldehyde content of less than 75 grams per kilogram. Under the reducing conditions, the aromatic amines are not allowed to be decomposed in the raw materials, and aromatic amines may cause cancer. So for those who dyed hair extensions us is also a reminder, do not dye hair.

6. Buy the wig, wash it with water to prevent scalp allergies.

7. If the wig is to be cleaned for several days, instead of one or two months, there will be a lot of dust every day. It is easy to cause skin allergies if it is not clean.

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