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Posted by on September 21, 2018

What are the classifications of hair accessories?

Hair clips are an indispensable accessory for women today. There are many types of hair clips, including needle inserts, oval clips, cartoon clips, Korean hair clips, and crown styles. The usage of different types of hairpins is also different. The basic usage is very simple. Nowadays, there are Korean hair clips, such as bow hair clips, and bow hair clips of different materials can easily play wild hair extensions uk.

Hair accessories classification

hair accessories

1, hairpin: There are many types, according to the material: alloy paint (powder), alloy rhinestones, acrylic. (Claw clips, vertical clips, needle clips, hairpins, etc. can also be divided into the above categories according to the material.) According to the shape of the shape, it is divided into: leaf type, wave type, butterfly type, bow type, dragonfly type, elliptical type, Diamond type, one-line type, one-word middle with flower pattern, one word side with flower pattern, various flower shapes, hollow top clip, hollow top clip, mesh shape and so on. Commonly used are spring clips, fish mouth / duckbill clips, banana clips, tooth clips / grips, word clips, water drop clips, screw clips, U-clips, etc.

2, the hair plug: is divided into insert comb, disc comb, hair fork. The comb can be embellished when it is made, or it can be used as a top clip. That is, use a small rubber band to tie half of the hair, insert the comb into the rubber band, mostly using alloy material, and the comb is used for disc hair in summer, mostly using acrylic Force materials, hair forks are often used for coiling in summer, and most are made of alloy materials or acrylic. Compared with the disc comb, the fork has a single fork and a double fork, and the disc comb is generally seven teeth.

3, headband hair band: often used to put some broken hair or flowing sea in front of the forehead, the headband is generally made of alloy material or acrylic material, the hair band is mostly cloth material.

4, the first flower: general materials are yarn, cloth, velvet cloth, plush material, acrylic beads, etc., the big head flower can be used for human hair extensions.

5, rubber bands: generally divided into long, short rubber bands.

6, hairpin: also called hair fork, hairpin, insert.

Hair accessory matching method

Bow hair clip

It looks sweet and pretty overall, adding points to the hairstyle.

Duckbill/fish mouth hair clip

Simply don’t, let the whole hairstyle become feminine.


Pretty short hair with a hair band can accentuate the retro feel.

Flake/water drop hair clip

A clean forehead reveals the contours of the face.

Thin hair band

Leave your hair and face and look stylish and charming.

Braided wide hair band

Full of Mori girl’s taste, but also a strong Japanese sense.


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