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Posted by on October 6, 2018

How do you straighten your hair in the middle and long hair?

Very soft hair, a very cute and compact twist, the bangs gave the face a better modification, and achieved a good eye-lifting effect. The long bangs in front of the forehead are a big bright, showing a copy. Female angry quality.

The shawl has long straight hair and a halter top, and the thick Qi Liu covers his eyes. It highlights the atmosphere of pure girls on the street, and the personality is lively. The natural hair color is also very eye-catching.

Very sweet princess hair type, Qi Liuhai forms a nice waterfall curtain, making the whole look very pure, very beautiful hair style, it is recommended to start with a handsome girl.

The female side of the Mori girl has a haircut, a floral skirt with a very elegant little hat, as if the girl is out of the forest, very rustic, and the long ponytail is more pure, small and fresh. .

Hair that is not dyed by the ground is more natural, so one side can be tied. Plus the hair accessories are very sweet, and the small fresh hairstyle is of course the favorite of many sisters.

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