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Posted by on April 16, 2019

Wildlife is very important, and thus there is the importance of ensuring that wild animals are protected in order for them to continue to exist. Wild animals have several reasons as to why they should be protected. Firstly, wild animals are members of the ecosystem and thus should be protected in order to ensure that the ecosystem is complete. Secondly, wild animals are forms of natural beauty since they beautify the environment and make it appealing to the eye. Thirdly world animals are very sources of income resulting from tourism. Wild animals are the world’s most significant tourist attraction feature. Many states have been acquiring a lot of capital from wild animals, and thus there is the reason for people to consider protecting them. Wild animals are Gods created creatures, and people should obey the commandment of protecting them. Wild animals help in cleaning the environment and enriching soil fertility ensuring healthy growth of plants and trees which are water catchment areas and boost climate. Find out more info aboutĀ David Keith Wills.

Currently, several animal species are facing great danger due to several factors. These factors include natural elements such as drought and floods and poaching. Poaching is the great danger facing wild animals where animals are killing wild animals to acquire products such as ivory, meat, and skin. One of the species under great danger is elephant where poachers are targeting it due to several factors. This is because they are in need of products such as meat, skin, and ivory. Ivory is the main target of elephants by poachers.

There are several reasons as to why poachers are under great demand for ivory. To start with ivory is very precious and is used to make several products such as storage vessels. Ivory is also used in kingdoms to show power and superiority. The last reason is that elephant ivory is selling well in today’s market and there are several black markets for elephant ivory which are luring many to poaching. However, several organizations and groups have emerged to protect elephants and ban ivory markets. These organizations working to ban ivory are available all over the world to create awareness on the importance of protecting elephants. These organizations pass severe punishment to those who are practicing ivory businesses. Ivory protects organizations preach on the importance of protecting elephants and ways of abolishing ivory markets which are available all over the world. These organizations achieve these by holding seminars and publishing books to educate people on the importance of protecting wild animals most probably elephants.

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