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Posted by on June 21, 2018


Each and every one of us has issues with something new, isn’t it? Let us take a look at what WordPress is really is. WordPress is considered as a robust personal publishing medium. It has features created to make your publishing as pleasing as possible. There are a lot of choices you can add to your website such as categories, posts and pages. You can also upload files or photos and convert character smileys into their graphical photos counterparts. Do you necessitate wordpress outsourcing support regarding categories? Well, let us talk about this.


The categories can classify related posts together and allow the readers to see what the post is all about. In addition, it can make it a lot simpler for the reader to locate your content. A remarkable asset is that you can have a lot of categories per post. The categories can be shown in the sidebar or at the top or bottom part of the post contingent on your theme. And if you add categories and tags to your post, then you can escalate the chances that other WordPress users can see your content in the global tag listings. Check this video about wordpress.


The disparity between tags and categories. Picture out a book. Once you open it, you will come across with the table of contents. In this instance, the contents will serve as your categories. And at the back portion of the book, you can have an index which are WordPress tags. These tags are hyperlinked to associated details.


Now let us say that you want to have a category. This is what you should do. Click on the categories than click on the add. A box will then open which has a category name.


Category parent: what this is, you have the chance to add categories within categories. Let us say that the category is grills and you want to have another category such as Brinkman grills. Then add the Brinkman grills under its parent category which is grills. If you don’t have a parent category, then you can choose one. Once you are done, click the add category in the box. In the dashboard are categories that will be shown. Move your mouse on that area and you will see delete, quick edit and edit will pop up. And if you will click on the quick edit, then a box will open and you can start editing the category name. also, click on the edit and you can alter the description, parent and name. check this website at for more details about wordpress.


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