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Posted by on February 21, 2019

There are crucial factors which need to be put into consideration before boat departure. It does not matter whether someone is experienced in matters concerning a boat, it is always imperative to check on safety rules of boating before departure. The safety tips can be well understood through training on the boat course at https://båtføåtførerbevis.  This article aims at outlining primary boating safety tips.  The following are basic boating safety tips:

  • Weather Of The Place

It is always essential to check on the weather condition before the departure of the boat. You can obtain information on the weather condition through radio and TV forecasting. It is advised if you observe clouds darkening, changing winds which are volatile and rough or temperature dropping suddenly to play safe by getting off the water. The change in weather is responsible for causing incidents during boating. The strong wind can lead to the boat capsizing, and this can lead to the people and goods in the boat drowning in the water resulting in the loss of lives and resources.

  • Following A Pre-Departure Check-List

Appropriate boating safety you learn at https://båtfø includes preparedness and mitigation for any incident that has the possibilities of happening in the water. To make sure that all rules of the boating safety are not overlooked or forgotten it is essential to follow the pre-departure checklist.

  • Common Sense Use

Use of common sense is an important boating safety rules since common sense will enable you to respond to a particular emergency appropriately. Common sense will help someone to develop problem-solving skills which will allow individual what to do in different situations. Commonsense aids someone to respect buoys and navigation aids that have been put there to safeguard safety.

  • Elect An Assistant Skipper

It is essential to designate someone to assist you during boating; the chosen person should be conversant with boating safety rules, boat handling and operations within the boat. This will help to ensure that if the primary navigator gets an injury or become sick during the boating, there is someone who is in a position to control the activities to go on as per plan.

  • Avoid Alcohol

One should not take alcohol before boat departure or during boating. This is because when someone like the navigator is drunk during boating, chances of accidents to happen is doubled. The studies have revealed that the alcohol effects are worsened by the sun and the wind.

  • Know How To Swim

If you are going to encounter with the water, one of the proper boating safety is to learn how to swim. You can learn how to swim through training offered by some organization, by the swimming pool attendants and also through learning the boating courses.


Safety boating rules are essential since when followed carefully they will minimize the occurrence of the accidents during boating. The regulations provide information on the boating and ensure the safety of the people and the cargo in the boat. Once the above-discussed tips are followed, security will be guaranteed hence providing successful boating.


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