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Posted by on April 23, 2019

Did you know around 10.8 million adults in the US vape? Some do it to quit traditional smoking. Others, however, get into it to cloud chase.

Feeling like learning a fancy skill with your new vape mode? Are you looking to perform awesome vaping tricks too?

In that case, you need to get a good vape cloud going first.

A popular reason is that they want to try cloud chasing. Most mods with decent atomizers can make a decent cloud. What they don’t know is that there are also mods that they can switch to for a better cloud chasing experience.

Below, we’ll share with you some of the best ways to maximize your clouds. We’ll also add in some of the best vape mods for cloud chasing.

Casual pretty woman standing and vaping on pink background in studio.

1. More VG Than PG

The wide array of interesting flavors is one of the reasons why people choose to vape. PG e-juice carries these flavors best but they aren’t as good with creating clouds. VG e-liquids are the ones you need to make bigger clouds.

If you want more clouds, get VG-based e-liquid. E-liquids that are 100% VG are the choice for competitive cloud chasers. Pure VG e-liquid will give no throat hit and may cause some equipment maintenance issues.

Also, people who are allergic to PG will get VG e-liquids. If you are a big fan of the throat hit, you’ll need to sacrifice that to get thick vapor. Or, you can get VG/PG blends to make big clouds while keeping a perceptible throat hit.

Get a good VG/PG ratio. A 70/30 VG/PG ratio will get you decent vapor and a little throat hit. This is one of the most popular blends to get the best of both worlds. A 50/50 ratio is also a good starting point for a more noticeable bite on the inhale.

The bigger the percentage your VG, the bigger your clouds and the lesser the throat hit. The larger your PG percentage, the stronger the throat hit but also the smaller the clouds. VG/PG blends are available in many vaping stores.

Should you want to create your own blends, always consult professionals. You can also ask them to do the blending for you. They are the most knowledgeable on e-liquid factors that affect different flavor types and vapor thickness.

2. Get a Good Pod Mod

Are you always on-the-go and want something light for vaping? Most likely, you use a pod mod or a closed system device. If your vaping device uses the pod system, you need to make sure you have the kind that best fits cloud chucking.

The best mods for vaping will depend on your lifestyle and taste. Most pod mods are perfect for people who like light, pocketable vaping devices. They are also very easy to use, making them the best entry-level mods for new vapers.

Since most pod mods are small, they aren’t always good for thick vapor production. Still, there are some mods that you can use for cloud chasing. Many e-cigarette manufacturers are designing more versatile pod systems for thicker vapor production.

The Suorin Air Pods are refillable pods that you can use with any Suorin Air Battery mods. The black color design will be fitting to any of the Suorin Air Batteries. They are also convenient since they will not need coil replacement.

SMOK Nord is also an impressive pod kit for all levels of vapers. It comes at a reasonable price and has replaceable coil heads. It has a 0.6-ohm mesh coil that will allow decent clouds.

A pod mod’s vapor production doesn’t compare with mech mods due to their limited capacities. When it comes to casual cloud chasing, pod mods can do the job while being inconspicuous enough. Should you want a secondary vaping device, get pod mods since they offer more convenience and accessibility.

3. Set Airflow Settings to Make Great Vape Clouds

When we talk about airflow, we want more for better cloud chasing. That’s not all airflow contributes to your vaping device. More airflow will keep your coil cooler.

With a cool coil, you avoid burning your wick too soon. Note that a burnt wick may also be the effect of excessive power. You can identify a burnt wick when the throat hit starts to turn nasty.

Your mod or vaping device needs to ‘breathe’. When you vape, e-liquid gets vaporized and the space over the coil gets saturated with vapor. Good airflow will clear out that old vapor and lets the device create new vapor.

Without replacing the old vapor over your coils, you might produce less vapor. The more air your device gets, the bigger your clouds. The best vape mod will allow for adjustable airflow settings.

The reason why some vapers want a tighter airflow is because of the stronger throat hit. A high airflow will allow a smoother and cooler cloud with less flavor. Less airflow will let you ‘taste’ the flavors better plus a warmer vapor output.

4. Your Battery and Power Settings Matter

In vaping, more power generates bigger clouds. When you use more power in your vaping device, it consumes e-juice faster. You want a powerful battery and a low-resistance coil to give you that thick, cloudy goodness.

To get that vapory goodness, you want to speed up the vaporizing rate of the e-liquid. This will give you more vapor in a single inhale. The increased power and low resistance are comparable to sub-ohm vaping.

If you don’t know what sub-ohm vaping is, it’s using vape tanks with resistances below 1.0 ohms. Mods for sub-ohm have low coil resistance and high battery discharge. If you noticed, it’s like the power and resistance settings we stated above.

If you use mods with a separate battery, you need to make sure your battery has a high continuous discharge limit. These are 20 A batteries or higher. If you’re unsure, ask a professional about your setup or check online calculators.

Figuring out your power settings is simpler than learning the basics of HTML. Remember to always practice battery safety when choosing batteries. Most trustworthy brands include AWQ, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic.

5. Find the Right Mod

The right mod for cloud chasing is a vital element of vaping. The best mods for thick vapor production need to be two things: powerful and consistent. Some secondary requirements are airflow are coil build.

As a note, mechanical mods have raw power and are becoming more popular among vapers. Mech mods are simpler to use since they exclude circuitry and pre-installed batteries. Note that mech mods are no more dangerous, harder-hitting, or durable than regulated mods.

The difference between them is that power-regulated mods have electronic chips. These chips are between the battery and the coil. They allow users to control the voltage to the coil and/or control coil temperature.

Suggested Box Mods for Cloud Chasing

One of the best box mods for cloud chasing is the iJoy Shogun UNIV 180W. It can crank up to 180W of consistent power. It has a pod mode for anybody who wants a lightweight mod.

If you want a better vape mod for chucking big clouds, get the iJoy Captain X3. It can get up to 324W of power going. The batteries that come with the kit give you 9,000 mAh of power, allowing you to play all day.

Two big pros for this is the upgradeable firmware and 2A charging. A con would be the initial heating up. You may need to allow a second for the mod to heat up before you can start vaping.

If you want to vape above 200W often, get the SMOK Gx350 mod. It has four cells that allow a longer battery life that can support constant high wattage vaping. It has an OLED screen at the top that will let you check while you vape.

A disadvantage for this box mod is the weight. Since it holds 4 battery cells, it can be pretty heavy. Still, if you plan to chase clouds for a whole day, carrying all its weight is worth it.

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Get to Chasing Thick, Quality Clouds

That’s our quick guide on how you can create the best vape cloud for cloud chasing. We hope we make your cloud chasing experience more enjoyable with this guide. Now, you can start modifying your vaping device to create the best box mod of your design.

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