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Posted by on August 2, 2021

Innumerable people uproot themselves to explore the world and consider it as their work as well. Undoubtedly, living abroad gives so many benefits, such as lower taxation, but it also comes with financial impediments. This guide to expat financial planning Singapore talks about crucial aspects that you must know to protect and enjoy your wealth while living abroad.

Why is Financial Planning for Expats Different from Others?

Financial planning for expats has its own challenges. Certain factors impact the financial circumstances of the person living and working abroad. Such as:

  • Multiple pensions
  • Ever-changing tax laws
  • Duration as well as the type of job contract

Along with all these, revenue streams of different currencies, international assets, and not having enough knowledge of how manage all these new challenges means that expat financial advice Singapore needs a different approach.

What Goes “Good” Financial Planning for Expats Look Like?

You will never want to simply being sold a product when you are arranging personal finances. It is important to have someone who can ask crucial questions to identify the financial situation and future aspirations.

Financial advisors for expats must take time to explain all the complex information, be it tax-related or otherwise. The professional must show some credentials that he/she has worked with different expats in different circumstances. Here’s a 7-step plan to develop a financial plan.

  1. The 1st Meeting – In this stage, you get to know each other.
  2. Gather Data – After the meeting, you need to fulfill certain documents to verify.
  3. Analyse and interpret – Here; the data are reviewed along with the financial goals.
  4. Meet, Reviews, and Run Scenarios – The advisors offer suggestions and run different simulations.
  5. Building Plan – Here, the advisor sets projections and goals considering all the reports.
  6. Action Plan – This involves setting out map of how you can achieve your goals
  7. Review Against Goals & Plans – Here, the advisor meets and reviews the changes that have happened over a period of time.

Questions to Ask Your Advisor As An Expat

It is always good to work with someone whom you can trust, especially when it is about managing the financial future. Make sure that they have adequate knowledge, experience, as well as the skill of working with expats previously. Here’s a list of questions that you must ask the advisor to get the best assistance.

  • What types of clients do you specialise in?
  • What is the fee structure you have, and how much do you charge?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What level of contact do you offer to the clients?
  • Can I look at the example of the financial plan you offer?
  • Will you be the sole person, or do you have a team?

It’s worth asking these questions to the advisor; after all, the relationship with the professional will affect the long-term plans.

What to Expect from Your Relationship With a Financial Advisor?

It is important to have a kind of relationship with the financial advisor which is supportive and ongoing. It shouldn’t be the scenario of ‘set and forget,’ especially when it comes to expat retirement planning Singapore. A financial planner should always be there to help you achieve financial goals.

The professional must tell you whether or not you are moving towards the right direction. A good financial planner will also make projections on any significant changes to make sure that the plan is robust and will also ensure that you will continue achieving goals. Be it expat life insurance Singapore or any other aspect, it is always important to make sure that the financial advisor is reliable.

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