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Posted by on December 1, 2021

You could be one of the folks who have been using Google Meeting or other communication tools since working from home. But for remote workers, it has been the normal thing for years.

Whether you are usually participating in a weekly meeting, daily meeting, or monthly meeting, you will not want to lose the chance to track the progress and attain the important information from the meeting. Routine conferences or online meetings have been the cornerstone of your business communication.

With your routine meetings, it could bring together people from different cities, states, or even countries together in one online place.

With a lot of stuff going on, it has been crucial for you to keep track of what is happening at each conference you are following.

Gone are the days when you needed to take notes manually all the time. It has been a while since many people could rely on conference note-taking software.

Just like other collaborative and productivity software, there are plenty of them that you can find on the internet. But which one is the best? For us, it is Notiv note taking software.

Note-taking software from Notiv 

Notiv Note taking software is backed by Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated features to automatically record and transcribe your meetings in real time.  At the end of the meeting, you will be able to retrieve the written records of your conference or meeting that you hold in particular communication software such as Google Meet, Zoom, and others.

After receiving the results of the meeting, you could also share them or isolate some information for your fellow team members. With this automatic transcription tool, you won’t need to outsource expensive human transcribers. The tool will automatically record everything you want to capture online and get the results for you.

There are some advantages to using the Notiv tool. 

Traditionally, you’d take a look at your notes to refer back to the meetings. Often times, you miss some details since you cannot absorb tons of information. It is also impossible to capture the meeting word for word. Notiv answers this problem with a clear solution. You don’t need to rigorously take notes during the meeting. Instead, you could rely on Notiv to record everything in the meeting from start to finish without any flaws.

You are able to get the most out of your meetings and cover all topics in the meeting without having to jot down the words by yourself. You just need to activate the Notiv note-taking software in the background while you are conducting meetings with your co-workers and clients.

Find critical information quickly. 

The Zoom or note taker Google Meet conference meeting is a great way to collaborate with your team members to brainstorm ideas, find solutions, train your employees, and other essentials in your business.

The average meeting could take around 40 minutes to an hour or more. It is great enough that Notiv has the recordings for you. But it can do much better. While it is not possible to listen to the recordings for hours to find what you want to see, you could simply search for it in Notiv using particular keywords.

The transcription results of Notiv can help you pinpoint the specific message or topic that you want to refer back to. Not to mention that Notiv also uses a speaker detection feature to find the speakers in your meetings.

You can easily find the important details without having to listen to the long-duration audio and video.

project and business evaluation. 

Through the meeting, you will be able to evaluate your project or business. Through the meeting transcription and key points, you can see insights into your teammates, co-workers, and employees’ behaviors and productivity.

You can see how  they are paying attention to the meeting, how many times they miss the meeting, how punctual they attend the meeting, how good they are absorbing the information, how well they communicate, and many more.

From the transcription results from Notiv software, you will know the full stories from each of the speakers. Most of the time, those speakers will forget some things they said. But Notiv will autmatically record all of them so that you won’t miss the information for good.

The transcripts of the calls and conference transcripts are also a great way to identify the potential workers in your company. You can even find those who slack off and get lazy on the project.

You can use the transcripts to check on your current team quality.

Many experts have said that they can see a lot of rooms for improvement just by looking at the transcripts. You will eventually be able to do so.

The great transparency of the information 

The transparency information is very important to make sure that your project’s progress and results are on the right track. Brand transparency is one of the most important aspects of your business.

As you reserve the authentic transcription, you can share the result with the board members, clients, employees, team mates, partners, and others whom you want to share.

It will improve your company’s reputation since it is a great gesture to show that you have nothing to hide from them. It also makes your clinets feel appreciated since they know the status of the project and your daily digest.

Through Notiv software, you can also share your daily digest automatically. The key here is to keep your Notiv on in the background. It will automatically record the scheduled meetings and share the information with the appointed recipients of the message.

Compoiance with the regulations 

Depending on your project location, regulations, and legality, you may be obliged to provide the transcriptions of the meetings you’ve held. It is common in legal industries, journalism, and other industries.

Even if you are not obliged to record the conferences, it is also recommended to capture the meetings for your legal protections. In other words, all of the proofs are there in the transcription.

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