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Posted by on December 29, 2021

Carpets are handy elements in any home. They decorate your space, giving your home that adorable look. Also, they make your home more comfortable and warm, which is a plus, particularly if you have kids. However, this is only true for clean, sparkling carpets; dirty-stained rugs will ruin the look of your home and pose multiple health risks. Nowadays, most homeowners hire carpet cleaning services, and for a good reason.

Do I need carpet cleaning services?

Carpet cleaning isn’t your usual task. Its time consuming and can be tedious. Again, not using the right cleaning products can ruin your carpet by affecting its fibers. This makes it vital to seek services from pros. Luckily, it’s easy to spot green carpet cleaning companies that use organic and natural cleaning products. They have the most suitable cleaning equipment to clean your rugs without harming the environment.

Green carpet cleaning enhances safety for your loved ones and surroundings. And this is why most people prefer rug cleaning Encino services. The cleaning detergents and methods help avoid allergens and dirt that pose various health risks for your loved ones. Again, professional carpet cleaning will save a lot of time and avoid any inconveniences to your home.

What are the different carpet cleaning methods to know?

  1. Hot water extraction

This cleaning method involves injecting a mixture of hot water and cleaning ingredients into the carpet at high pressure. This way, the carpet fibers release. Also, the procedure employs two tanks; these are solution and clean water tanks.

The solution tank contains the clean water and cleaning solution, while the polluted water is transferred to a recovery tank. The unclean water and dirt particles are extracted from the carpet by a powerful vacuum during cleaning.


Professional steam cleaning expels steam at high temperatures, eradicates bacteria, dust mites, and odors from your carpets. This method eliminates dirt, mold, and odors from carpets while improving their appearance. Steam cleaning is applicable for both commercial and residential purposes.

  1. Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet carpet cleaning is also referred to as dry cleaning but is a low-moisture process. This cleaning method dries the carpet within 30 minutes because only the surface is treated. Bonnet cleaning involves sprinkling a self-neutralizing detergent to the carpet and agitating it with a rotary scrubber. This mode of cleaning mostly applies to commercial carpet maintenance, but you can still use it in homes.

  1. Dry powder cleaning

Dry powder cleaning employs a natural cleaning agent and small amounts of water to make a safe-to-use solvent. The cleaning method involves strewing the mixture throughout the carpet to form clumps.

These aggregates then act as micro-sponges, absorbing dirt, grime, and dissolving it. Once done, you sweep the clumps to reveal a clean rug. The process isn’t deep cleaning and is ideal for regular carpet maintenance.

Wrapping up

There are different carpet cleaning methods. As you hire a professional carpet cleaning company, inquire about their cleaning procedures. Remember to engage a team that uses safe and quality cleaning products that won’t harm you, your loved ones, and the environment. Again, it’s advisable to engage a green cleaning firm that uses organic products.


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