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Posted by on June 15, 2022


If you’re someone who is on the brink of a foreclosure, you’ll have to decide whether or not you wish to fight the foreclosure case and also consider if it’s worth bearing the costs of a foreclosure attorney. There are times when it is necessary to hire a lawyer. In case you have a valid case of defense and you are eager to retain your home, you’ll need the expert assistance of a legal professional.

On the contrary, if your ultimate objective is to just stay in your home (sans payment) while going through the foreclosure process, you can handle it alone. Orlando Foreclosure Defense Attorneys are there to assist you through the entire legal process. Keep reading to know more about how they help you.

Situations when you should hire a foreclosure defense attorney

      There’s a valid defense and you wish to stay put in your home

If you are earnest about retaining your home and you are sure about having a valid defense, a skilled attorney can heighten your chances of winning the fight. The few defenses that need help from an expert are as follows.

      The servicer hasn’t followed the foreclosure process

      The servicer made a blunder with your financial account

      The servicer couldn’t prove that it owns a standing to foreclose your home

Every case of foreclosure is different and each case has its intricacies that can break or make the case.

      You’re an active military service member

Due to serving the country, these military service members have special permissions to defend themselves against an impending foreclosure. The SCRA or the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is complicated. In order to know your rights, hire an attorney.

      You need to learn the foreclosure laws

Foreclosure has several steps and it is always better to learn the details of every step so that you’re not deceived. In case you’ve done all your research but you still have doubts, an attorney can help.

How a foreclosure defense attorney helps you

      An attorney is aware of the legal landscape and hence he can give you better options. Their judgment and experience will save your time, enhance your chances of saving your home, and let you avert pitfalls in the near future.

      An attorney lets you get a loan modification and adjusts your mortgage loan terms in such a way that you can afford the payments.

      An attorney assists you with loss mitigation. There are a few mortgage loans that carry options for loss mitigation and that can give you a chance to stay current on the payments. An attorney will inform you if you can pursue loss mitigation and let you choose the options for mitigation of loss.

If every option seems to fail, a foreclosure defense attorney will help you in filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Once this is accepted, you get 3-5 years to repay your debts while being inside your home. During this entire fight, you won’t be alone as the attorney will be there by your side.




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