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Posted by on September 6, 2022

  1. How long is the exam?

200-301140 minutes

200-901140 minutes

200-201140 minutes

350-401140 minutes

300-4101110 minutes

  1. How much is the written exam?

00200-301USD 300

00200-901USD 300

00200-201USD 300

00350-401USD 400

00300-410USD 300

  1. How many questions are there in total?

The official explanation for this question is 90 ~ 110 questions, but everyone takes 100 questions when taking the exam. The number of questions in each code is different. Please check the official website or ask the head teacher for the specific number. In addition to the formal written exam, there is a questionnaire irrelevant to the score before and after the exam. Just choose by yourself. It is to ask whether you are over 18 years old. Click “yes”. The questionnaire after the exam is to ask you something  about Cisco.

  1. How many multiple-choice questions (drag & drop questions) are there? How many points are there for each question? How many questions can candidates make mistakes at most?

The number of questions in each question type is not fixed. The proportion of each person in the exam is different. The written exam is different from the exam we took at school. It is a bit similar to the score of CET-4 and CET-6 which are calculated according to the knowledge module, so the score of each question is different. If a candidate has a full score in the question bank, there is still hope for pass if thereis about 10 wrong questions.But if the wrong questions are all drag & drop questions, the probability of failing is very large. Therefore, ifa candidatedoesn’t have a full score in the question bank, it is best to do every question correctly. When a candidate has a full score in the question bank and has a good grasp of passing, you can avoid the score being too high by doingone multiple-choice question wrong on purpose to prevent triggering problem changes in advance.

  1. Some people say that the examiner will add mistakes when taking the lab when the written test score is too good (or full score). is it true?

Whether the written test result is good or bad has nothing to do with whether the examiner adds mistakes in the lab, because the examiner does not have your written test result information in the lab, so you don’t have to make mistakes deliberately. You can do you best as you can (although it’s useless to exceed the pass line)

  1. Are there any experimental questions?

There are only three types of questions: single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions and drag&drop questions

  1. Will the options change?

The options of single-choice questions and multiple-choice questions will change randomly. For example, there are four options on the document, and the order is as follows: A.CCIRB.CCNAC.CCNPD.CCIE, but in the examination room, the order may become A.CCIEB.CCNAC.CCENTD.CCNP, so don’t memorize ABCD, but remember the key words of the correct answer. The drag&drop question is fixed. Just remember the correct answer directly. If you drag by category, the answers of the same category can be in different order

  1. Is there a calculator in the exam room?

There was no calculator in the exam room.

  1. Is there any draft paper in the exam room?

There is no draft paper for the exam, but you will be given an inscription board and pen that can be erased repeatedly, just like draft paper.

  1. Can I go back to the previous question in the exam?

You can go back to do the previous questions in your mock exam, but you should pay special attention to that you can’t go back to do or modify the answers of the previous questions in the formal exam. Therefore, during the exam, you must make sure that there are no questions in the answers you choose before clicking the next question. Another point is that the computers in some examination rooms are old and may be too laggy. If there is no response when you click “next question”. Don’t click “next question”right away. Otherwise you may skip several questions in succession. You must pay attention to this. If you get stuck, raise your hand in time to call the examiner.


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