Guide to writing the most spectacular essay

There are no short cuts or any unfamiliar, unorthodox methods to writing an essay. Writing essays isn’t really rocket science but there are various formats, genres or types that you should be familiar with. Average high school and college students are more often confused or rather too laidback to follow the proper basics and fundamentals of essay writing, which is why they fall short in their academic performances.
Essay writing
The aim of this article is to help mold these students’ essay crafting skills so that they have a better shot at clinching admirable grades in their papers and even get a decent scholarship. Here are some of the most carefully thought of tips that can do just that:

1. Brainstorming

Before you even think about getting started with writing your essay you must first think about what elements you are going to put in your essay. This is the process of brainstorming, where all ideas and concepts are generated. Jot down everything that you are going to put in your essay in a rough journal and be sure that they are appropriate to the kind of essay that you are writing.

2. Research

To know how to word your essay well you must commit yourself to a great deal of research. The best source for content material that you can get is with books, newspapers, magazines and the internet. Word of advice though, the internet is an open-ended portal to a mass collection of content that could be of any category even those that are heavily controversial and illicit. Best thing for you to do at this point is to equip your computer with the latest antivirus software program that will prevent you from visiting spam or viral infested websites.

Free online collections of essay samples:

You may even seek help from your teachers, educators and professors for the provision of relevant sources and materials.

3. Analyze and evaluate what you have

After completing your research and brainstorming the ideas that you have prepared for your essay, you would then have to analyze and evaluate all of your proposed concepts and ideas and go with the ones that are truly relevant and ideal for your material. This takes time but that is the beauty of planning and preparation.

4. Create a rough draft

You’ve got all the tools for formulating your essay and now it’s time for the crafting. This is where you create a rough draft version of your essay which is usually seen as a prototype or a dummy model of your final draft. Once you have prepared it, you will then evaluate it to see whether there are some aspects and elements that do not belong to your essay or others that need to be added.

5. Important parts of an essay

In every essay there three of the most important parts of an essay that you have to wary of. The first is the opening or introductory segment of the essay where you introduce your story to your audience. In it, you have to get your readers acquainted with the characters of the story, the theme and the objectives.

The second and perhaps most substantial part is the body of the essay. This is where you expand and explore the deeper portions of your essay. It could consist of one, two or three paragraphs depending on the word limit.

The third and last part is the conclusion of the essay where your subject or characters reach a resolution or accomplish their objective.

6. Proofreading

As soon as you are done writing your essay, the final and arguably the most crucial task that you must fulfill is proofreading your material. This is basically revising or going through your essay to ensure that it does not contain any spelling, grammatical, punctuation or accuracy flaws.