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Posted by on June 22, 2018

Evening Abu Dhabi Desert Safari the much acclaimed tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi. Something special that will definitely give you astonishing experience of the real desert adventure and moreover the interesting part of the tour is that it is particularly planned for the families and the adventure lovers. When you go back home you should have something interesting to tell your friends and family members, this will surely provide with some exciting tales. The experience you get here is something you can’t get at home. Every penny you spend on this is guaranteed with wholesome entertainment.

The main events of the desert safari are – starting with dune bashing which is a thrilling experience, next is the travel to our Bedouin Campsite which is in the middle of the desert. On the way, there will be halt to watch the beautiful sunset. Here you will find Henna Design, Arabic Guava, local dresses, soft drinks, water, tea or coffee are provided and you can choose from it. You can try your hands at Camel rides and Hubbly Bubbly also. The star attraction of the evening is the belly dancing and the tanoura dancing shows with the rhythm of an Arabic Music.

The Arabian adventure, far away from the bustle of the Abu Dhabi City will surely give you an experience that will make you come back.

The whole event will take almost 5 to 6 hours to complete.

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