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Posted by on August 28, 2018


One of the most stressful jobs is providing caregiving services to patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Everything might seem overwhelming on your part as you go about taking care of a member in your family with this condition and other dementia. But then, even if at most days you can handle the stress, there will be times that you will be having too high levels of stress that will just be dangerous to you as well as your loved one. In this article, you will find the most common signs of caregiving stress and how to deal with it.


One of the telltale signs that you are suffering from caregiver stress is if you deny about the condition of your loved one and what their effects are on them. Telling yourself that your loved one who is suffering from this condition will get better is one sign that you are having caregiver stress. Another sign will be the anger you feel around your loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and becoming frustrated with their inability to do the things that they are used to doing. Social withdrawal is another sign of caregiver stress from the people that you love being with and the activities that you love doing. Another sign of caregiving stress will be having these anxieties towards the future and being able to provide adequately to the person in the family who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Other signs of caregiving stress include depression, exhaustion, sleeplessness, irritability, and lack of concentration. Your body, mind, and spirit can even take a toll on your. When you think that you suffer from any of these caregiving stress signs, then you should take the time to talk with your doctor.


Managing caregiving stress is just like managing any other kind of stress that you can ever think of. Be sure that you know how to deal with the community resources that are available to you. Your physical and mental health could be suffering a lot when you will be ignoring these symptoms that you are suffering from. There are also some adult day programs, visiting nurses, meal delivery services, and in-home assistance that can help you deal with the everyday needs of your loved one with Alzheimer’s. Getting some support from people who are dealing with the same issues as you will give you both reassurance and comfort. When the caregiving stress becomes too much to bear, never hesitate to call for help from the professionals.


You might also consider utilizing relaxation techniques. Picturing a place that brings your peace and calm can be a good method. Devote even just 15 minutes of your day to meditate and let go of all the negative thoughts surrounding your own mind.


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