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Posted by on May 25, 2018

If you have decided to get an abortion, you should choose an abortion clinic that provides the best facilities for you. There are many different services offered by abortion clinics. They have given women many options.

Here are some of the facilities provided by an abortion clinic to their patients.

When a woman is pregnant for only a few weeks, the she can opt for medical abortion or an abortion pill. Pregnancy can be terminated by taking medications in this stage. There are abortion pills that are available in abortion clinics that can be taken by these women. Medical abortion is possible 8 weeks after your menstrual period. If you agree to having an in-clinic abortion is the abortion pill is not successful, you need to sign documents for this.

During the second trimester of pregnancy, they do in-clinic abortion if the medical abortion has not been successful. It requires the patient to stay at the clinic where you will be provided with the best care during and after the in-clinic procedure. These procedures are minimally invasive with few risks. This procedure is very important since you can be sure that all pregnancy tissues are removed from your uterus. A week or two after, a follow-up exam is scheduled to make sure that the procedure was successful.

If you want to make sure that you do not get pregnant, you can also take the morning after pill available in abortion clinics. This is an emergency contraceptive that works best when taken 72 hours to 5 days of having unprotected contact. Most women today prefer this since its had minimum side effects compared to other contraceptives.

Counseling is required when women opt for abortion since it is a very emotional process. Abortion clinics in the Bronx provide counseling so that patients can easily overcome their guilt low feeling after going through the procedure. Counseling is very important in clinics whatever the patient feels, and it would indeed be very helpful.

You can also get plenty of advice from abortion clinics regarding different kinds of contraceptives that are available so that you can avoid unplanned pregnancy. The different kinds of contraceptives include IUD which can be placed after your in-clinic abortion is done. Inform your health care provider if this is what you want. Other types of contraceptives available are hormonal pills, cervical cap, spermicides, condoms, diaphragm, and female condoms. You can choose what contraceptive you prefer, and you can easily get it from your abortion clinic.

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