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Posted by on September 21, 2018


IT security means information technology security and it involves securing ones information which is in the system for this information can be hacked or even leaked and this will expose a danger to that information. The information security has really changed dramatically in the recent years and this is because hackers have continued to pose  a great challenge and threat  and thus the regulatory compliance which mostly deals with the information technology has thus shifted its focus to the internal threats and through these they are ensuring that there is compliance especially in managing the information security risk. Nowadays maintaining the integrity of the security information is increasingly complex and mostly is consuming the valuable resources and as well the service-oriented architectures are really increasing their application development pace and thus the networks are really comprised of some application and also it includes data with great distribution and this is creating some more access to points to the critical data and through this the visibility into the real-time threats and also vulnerabilities is being called for . There has been a recent explosion of the information privacy and also security legislation and this has prompted accountability of security requirements and compliance auditing. There are thus some applied policies and procedures which have been neglected and this need to be put in place so as to achieve information technology security and these policies are as discussed below:


First, there  has been disconnection between the set security programs and also the business processes and here there has been inadequate integration  into the business processes and this has led to process inefficiencies and this has been resolved by ensuring that there is a great connection between the business process and the security programs which can, in turn, lead to the integration of the business processes. Secondly, there has been fragmented security information operations and also processes, view here!


Information security will normally take place in a decentralized manner, and this will ensure that a separate database will be unrelated to the processes which are used for the audit assessments, and again it will be used in the antivirus technology and as well in the intrusion detection efforts. For more facts and information about IT services, visit


There has again been security performance measurement difficulties and here many organizations have really struggled with the performance measurement and the management and this has made the standardized approach to the information security accountability a difficult task and thus to improve on the information technology security, this should be improved. Click here!


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