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Posted by on November 24, 2019

Popularly nicknamed ‘half pump’, partial or unsatisfactory erection can appear from the age of 40. Bad habits such as unhealthy eating, excessive alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, smoking are among the causes of the problem, which comes quietly but harms both physically and emotionally. With these activities, there is an anticipation of the erection quality decline. “With aging, an erection problem is common from the age of 60, usually due to diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular or endocrine problems. However, some men after age 40 already have a change in the quality of erection due to the bad habits of life “, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

What leads to the “half bomb effect”?

The sexologist doctor in Delhi explains that stress or smoking impair the microcirculation of the extremities, including the penis. “There is vasoconstriction that causes damage to the peripheral nervous system over time,” says sex doctor in Delhi. The unsatisfactory erection appears in mild, moderate or complete degrees. The most frequent subtle cases do not prevent the sexual act, but the penile rigidity is not the same and does not last long; ie there is difficulty keeping the penis hard without ejaculating. Severe cases prevent the sexual act. This can generate dissatisfaction with the couple because the penetration is not realized. Moderates have problems that get in.

Can you get hard again?

Yes, but seeking help as soon as possible is critical. At the first visit, the best sex doctor in Delhi often wants to know if the problem is common or intermittent; if night or morning erections happen; if there was an apparent cause – it can happen after a divorce, death, serious family illness, emotional problems or starting a medication. We still need to investigate if there is a loss of libido, or if the lack of desire happens only to a particular partner or partner.

Medication and hormonal treatment

According to a sexologist in Delhi, it is from these answers that will be investigated whether the causes are psychological, physical or come together. “It is common to prescribe some oral medication, such as sildenafil and tadalafil, for therapeutic testing. If a hormonal change is found, it can be treated with hormone modulation. The simple attention to health, physical activity, quality improvement of sleep, healthy eating habits help a lot in this regard, “says the sex specialist in Delhi.

This, however, depends on the man’s visit to the sexologist clinic in Delhi. Compared to women, who usually attend the gynecologist after their first menstruation, men are resistant to consulting with the sexologist in Delhi.

“We need to lose this prejudice and have periodic examinations from adolescence or childhood when it is possible to prevent problems related to inadequate penile development. In adulthood and old age, this need only increases. I would say that the penis is the best indicator of the physical and mental health of the individual. When the erection is not good, generally the health is not good, it is a good reason to check up, control stress, slow down work, take a vacation and take therapy in some cases “, completes the sex specialist doctor in Delhi.

Prevention of other diseases

Frequent consultations prevent not only a half-pump erection but also silent diseases such as andropause, vitamin D and B12 deficiency, metabolic syndrome and prostate, kidney or adrenal cancer, as well as normal aging-related changes in the body of the man, such as dripping in the stomach. end of urination, difficulty in having erections followed after ejaculation and enlargement of the benign prostate, among others, says top sexologist in Delhi.


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