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Posted by on December 18, 2019

There may be different reasons for premature ejaculation. In some cases the causes will be physical, however, most of the time it will be for psychological reasons. In the latter case, there are many factors that can affect ejaculation. The next sexologist in Delhi will explain to you the relationship between the mind and the ejaculatory control.

What is the relationship between the mind and ejaculatory control?

The mind plays a very important role in the control of ejaculation. For the ejaculatory reflex to occur, there must be a series of factors, some physical and some mental. Depending on the intensity of these stimuli, ejaculation will occur sooner or later, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

First of all, there is a previous stimulation. This is given by a sexual situation, which can be an image, a thought. When our brain interprets it, it sends a signal to the mechanisms involved in erection.

As the penis is stimulated, the excitation increases. At any given time, the process reaches a point of no return. The degree of excitement felt in the mind activates the mechanism by which the muscles initiate semen expulsion through involuntary contractions.

The arrival of semen expulsion is inevitable, although it can be controlled for a more or less prolonged time. The problem of premature ejaculation is that the process is accelerated and the outflow of body fluid precipitates or, in the most severe cases, occurs immediately, says top sexologist in Delhi.

In most cases, that lack of control is a problem related to the mind. The brain has become accustomed to receiving immediate satisfaction and the whole process accelerates, depriving those who suffer from the pleasant time that passes from when the excitement begins until the climax that accompanies ejaculation is reached. This relationship between the mind and ejaculatory control is to blame for premature ejaculation.

premature ejaculations

The importance of mind control to delay ejaculation

One of the keys to avoiding this problem, which affects many men, is to learn to control the mind so that it does not order the arrival of the climax in a precipitous manner. It is very important to do it because if the process is too fast, a large part of the enjoyment of sexual intercourse will be lost.

In addition, the ejaculation arrives too soon will not only be a problem for the sufferer, but also for your partner. Most likely she will even reach orgasm. It will be very difficult to maintain an erection after having ejaculated and the other person will lose interest. In the long term this will be a serious problem for the couple relationship, sexologist doctor in Delhi says.

Another reason why you have to control ejaculation is that these types of problems are going to more. If you notice that the problem is getting worse, you don’t have to keep waiting. Each day that passes will be more complicated to control the moment of reaching the climax.

Psychological causes of lack of control over ejaculation

The relationship between the mind and the ejaculatory control lengthens or shortens the time that passes from when the excitation begins until the climax is reached. If the orders sent by the brain are not correct, an embarrassing situation will occur, which will negatively affect sexual intercourse, warns sex doctor in Delhi.

One of the causes that can be of this lack of control of ejaculation, is related to education. Trying to seek satisfaction immediately, especially in the years of puberty, can create a difficult trend to control in the future. The brain gets used to ejaculating as soon as possible and then it is very difficult to change the habit.

Another reason that causes premature ejaculation is excessive excitation. It can happen if you have sex for the first time with a person, or if it has been a long time since the last time.

Stress situations are also guilty of premature ejaculation on some occasions. Although control is not a problem, in some circumstances of pressure, the mind can play tricks and cause the climax to arrive prematurely, explains the best sex doctor in Delhi.

Mixed causes, that is psychological and physical, are another reason why premature ejaculation can occur. For example, high sensitivity of the glans and lack of mental control can cause an orgasm to arrive too quickly, explains sex specialist in Delhi.

How to control the mind to solve premature ejaculation

The first thing to do if you experience premature ejaculation is to see a sex specialist doctor in Delhi. Only a professional can evaluate the causes and the seriousness of the matter. Depending on whether the problem has occurred on time or if it has become commonplace, it will decide whether a premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is necessary or not.

One of the possibilities is that the sexologist doctors in Delhi recommend receiving some psychology sessions. These professionals can help master the mind and restrain impulses. They will be very helpful in controlling thoughts, breathing, arousal, and so on.

Some exercises can also help. For example, Kegel exercises are ideal for identifying and learning to correctly use the muscles involved in ejaculation. Learning to restrain the ejaculatory reflex is one of the keys to enduring more time.

Another exercise is to start and stop. This can be done alone or in the company of the couple. It is about stimulating yourself and when you are close to ejaculating stop. You have to repeat this exercise trying to prolong as long as possible the time to reach orgasm. Learning at the same time to control thinking is essential to overcome premature ejaculation.

If none of this works, the sexologists in Delhi may resort to combining psychological therapies with drugs. In this case, the medication will be reduced as advances are perceived, until ejaculation is controlled.

If you think you have premature ejaculation problems, don’t waste time and make an appointment without delay at the sexologist clinic in Delhi. A sexologist in Delhi will assess your case and help you so that you regain control over ejaculation as soon as possible.


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