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Posted by on June 6, 2020

Do you find that sex no longer interests you as much? Low libido (decreased sexual appetite) can strike men at any age, but it occurs more frequently as a man ages. It is possibly due to:

  • psychological causes, such as childhood sexual abuse, depression, or a conflictual romantic relationship
  • physical causes such as low testosterone or side effects from medication (antidepressants or oral medications to treat prostate problems or hair loss, or to regulate blood pressure)

A man with a low libido thinks less about sex and has less desire to have sex or masturbate. However, he does not usually lose his ability to have sex. A weak libido risk becoming problematic when it worries the man himself or his partner, or if it affects his romantic relationship, says sexologist in Delhi.

The good news is that you can treat low libido. If the side effects of the medication decrease your libido, your doctor or pharmacist may suggest another that will affect you less.

sexual problem

Low libido caused by low testosterone is treated with testosterone replacement therapy. A simple blood test will allow the best sexologist in Delhi to check if your testosterone levels are low. Testosterone is available in patches, gel, injection, and capsules.

  • Usually, the capsules are taken once or twice a day. With this testosterone replacement therapy, the capsules should be taken with a meal, and they can be a practical solution for men following a regular daily schedule. People taking testosterone capsules should be checked regularly for liver function, says sex specialist in Delhi.
  • The gels are also practical and they apply once a day. We must wait a few minutes before getting dressed until the gel dries. It is then necessary to wait for 5 to 6 hours after its application before taking a shower or a bath. The treated area must be covered with a garment to avoid skin contact which would transfer gel to women or children (they could, over time, develop male characteristics: deep voice and facial hair).
  • The injections are given at the sexologist clinic in Delhi every 3 to 4 weeks. They sometimes cause mood swings due to the jagged movements of testosterone levels (it is higher after the injection and drops just before the next injection). This option can be convenient for men who need frequent consultations with their sexologist doctor in Delhi.
  • Men who care about maintaining an active lifestyle may prefer stamps. Affixed once a day in the back, on the abdomen, on the arm, or on the thighs, they are easy to use. They can be kept during various activities such as training, showering, or swimming. The patch corresponds to the rate of normal testosterone production in healthy young men. Patches sometimes cause skin irritation, but it is usually possible to prevent it by applying a corticosteroid cream (purchased in pharmacies) before applying the patch.

Testosterone replacement therapy is not for everyone. All testosterone therapies have some side effects and risks that include acne, decreased sperm production, fluid retention, and stimulation of the prostate. Ask your top sexologist in Delhi about its risks and benefits before starting treatment.

What about drugs like Viagra ® (sildenafil)? These drugs, which also include tadalafil (Cialis®) and vardenafil (Levitra®), help men get an erection by increasing the blood flow to the penis. They do not stimulate the sexual appetite and are not useful for low sex desire treatment in Delhi.

If the cause is psychological, counseling, and treatment called the sensate focus technique may help. This technique helps partners to become more aware of the sensations they like.

If you have low libido, talk to your sexologist in Delhi to pinpoint the causes and see which treatment options are right for you.


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