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Posted by on July 3, 2020

1 in 5 men suffers from erectile dysfunction or impotence in India. This pathology can cause physical, psychological, and emotional problems in many men and their partners. For this reason, at Dr. P K Gupta Sexologist Clinic in Delhi, we have created a specialized consultation in the diagnosis and erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

What does specialized consultation include?

What is Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence?

The term erectile dysfunction refers to a man’s inability to have or maintain an erection to complete a satisfactory sexual relationship. Better known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is one of the most frequent urological problems among men. It usually occurs in 1 in 5 men between the ages of 40 and 80.

This pathology can have various causes, among which cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, or obesity, as well as smoking or sedentary lifestyle, stand out. This is because an erection is an eminently vascular mechanism, although sometimes the origin of impotence may be of a different nature. Among the other causes that can cause it is hormonal, neurological, or even pharmacological factors.


How is it diagnosed?

Despite the fact that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence are quite evident, it is essential to go to a urologist when they appear. The objective of the sex specialist in Delhi will be mainly to find the cause that causes said pathology in order to administer the most appropriate treatment in each case. For this, the sexologist in Delhi must have a personal interview with the patient to learn about their life habits and medical history as well as their family history. In addition to this, the patient must fill in some questions with questions about his sexual activity and his general health.

Finally, the sexologist doctor in Delhi carries out a physical examination to rule out the existence of any underlying physiological problem. After this, additional tests such as the Penile Echo Doppler or night erection test may be required.

Treatment according to needs

In India, there are several drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi that meet the different needs of men. Some are taken immediately before intercourse. There are also those that allow you to take it within 36 hours of taking the medicine.

The basic medicines used for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi are so-called type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors, whose mechanism of action boils down to affecting the contractility of the member cavernous muscular tissue, which is associated with its filling with blood and the formation of the erection phenomenon. There are currently 3 drugs from this group on the market:

  • sildenafil
  • vardenafil
  • tadalafil

Drugs should be considered safe and well-tolerated. The most common side effects include headache (13-17%, depending on the drug) and facial flushing (13%; less often after tadalafil – 4.8%).

Drugs from this group are much less well absorbed with food (especially sildenafil and vardenafil), so they should not be taken with food or up to 2 hours afterward, recommends sexologist in Delhi.


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