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Posted by on August 1, 2020

In India, there is a method of erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi that allows you to achieve it at any time and for as long as you want. It is used in men for whom the “blue pill” has not been effective.

The inability to achieve or maintain an erection affects about 30 million men in India. However, only 15 percent of them seek help from a sex specialist in Delhi. Meanwhile, such problems can be symptoms of many diseases that need to be treated. Modern medicine deals effectively with erectile dysfunction. This is not only important for maintaining a good relationship. Research proves that sexual activity reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Erection as a measure of health

– The most common cause of erectile dysfunction in the age group of adolescents and young men are psychological problems, largely related to complexes, lack of experience, or fear of unwanted pregnancy of the partner. In middle-aged men, the main factors are stress, overwork, and problems in personal relationships. They can also be caused by atherosclerosis, diabetes, and arterial hypertension. About 50 percent in men over 40, erectile dysfunction is associated with cardiovascular disorders – explains sexologist in Delhi. Therefore, erection problems should not be treated as a medical condition, but as a symptom.

– Erectile dysfunction may herald, inter alia, ischemic heart disease even eight years before its appearance. Remember that penile blood vessels, like all other blood vessels, become less permeable in atherosclerosis. That is why blood is not able to fill the cavernous bodies of a member so as to achieve a satisfactory erection – explains Dr. P K Gupta, best sexologist in Delhi. He adds that also untreated urological diseases, such as: benign prostatic hyperplasia, inflammation of the prostate gland, or recurrent infections associated with urolithiasis may have a negative impact on the quality of a man’s sexual life. “All these diseases can be diagnosed during routine urological control, and their treatment is relatively simple,” sexologist in Delhi emphasizes.

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Erection in training

According to sexologist doctor in Delhi, the first step in erectile dysfunction should be to quit smoking, take care of a healthy, varied, and antioxidant-rich diet, and increase physical activity. And it’s not about a walk, but about half an hour of training at least three times a week. It can be cycling, swimming, running, tennis, etc. – Physical activity definitely affects the quality of erection, sexologist in Delhi emphasizes. He adds that you should also measure your blood pressure, check your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. If the results are abnormal, you should first modify your diet before starting erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

– Don’t hesitate. If the disorder is psychological, sometimes just having an erection pill solves the problem, she says. However, after the age of 45 or 50 (depending on whether the family has a history of prostate cancer), you must visit the sexologist clinic in Delhi regularly in order to detect this disease early. – I dream that men in India visit a sexologist in Delhi systematically and treat this specialist as their general practitioner, just like ladies trust their gynecologists – says best sexologist in Delhi.

Treatment as needed

There are several medications for erectile dysfunction available in India that meet the different needs of men. Some are taken right before intercourse. There are also those that allow you to do it within 36 hours of taking the drug.


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