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Posted by on May 8, 2022

It is very common to find blogs, videos, lectures and even entire courses on feminine intimate hygiene.

However, it is very important not to forget that men also need special care with the hygiene of the penis to avoid discomforts such as bad smell and even diseases.

The lack of good intimate hygiene can lead the human being to develop several problems and in this sense it is important to say that the lack of adequate intimate hygiene can cause infections, diaper rash and even cancer.

And you, do you know what care you need to take with your penis regarding hygiene?

If you thought of common soap and water at bath time, know that this alone is far from what is necessary and you need to read this post to the end and reread whenever you have any doubts.

Male Intimate Hygiene, A Taboo…

The best sexologist in Delhi points out that each year about a thousand amputation surgeries are performed in India, in addition to almost 3 cases per 100,000 men suffers from penile tumors.

This number is very high and could be avoided through good intimate hygiene, combined with periodic visits to the urologist.

Male intimate hygiene is considered a taboo, as girls are encouraged to take care of their genitals throughout their lives, but boys rarely receive this information.

As it is not something natural since childhood, it is not common to find men talking and exchanging information on the subject, as occurs in female conversation circles.

But do not worry! Sexologist in Delhi has put together everything you need to know about penis care.

Care In The Bathroom, Time To Urinate

The quick and practical way for men to use the bathroom, without having to sit on the toilet, often even dispensing with the bathroom, can lead to the individual’s negligence with male intimate hygiene, in the most basic care with the personal hygiene of the sexual organ.

Washing your hands after urinating is a social custom, as people greet each other by shaking hands or hugging each other, a very common custom in our country.

But, taking into account the hygienic care of the male’s sexual organ and excretory system, the act of washing your hands should precede the act of urinating, this makes you handle your penis cleanly, without risk of contamination by bacteria and fungi that can develop locally.

After urinating, it is not enough to shake the penis to clean it, the ideal would be that you use a piece of toilet paper to dry it, where you expel the urine, drying the entire glans.

It would also be much more hygienic to expose the glans during urination, pulling all the skin back when urinating.

By wiping your penis after the act with the paper, you completely drain the urine as waste and don’t expose your clothes to urine residue left over from your urination.

The feeling of comfort and hygiene is much greater.

Avoid bad smells too.

The Care In The Bath, When Washing

Many men wash their penises incorrectly.

The skin of the foreskin must be pulled back fully exposing the glans (head of the penis) for uncircumcised or operated on phimosis.

This exercise makes the penis fully exposed to running water and facilitates the use of soap, at this time you can use a specialized intimate soap.

It is important to use an intimate soap with a pH between 5 and 6 and to completely remove the residue of white secretion (smegma) in all the folds of the glans.

This wash is part of male intimate hygiene and should be done at least once a day during the bath, suggests sex specialist in Delhi.

The Phimosis

Phimosis is common in children and is nothing more than the accumulation of skin on the outside of the penis, more specifically over the glans.

This skin is also known as the foreskin, it must be exercised, exposing the glans until it normalizes in adolescence.

If the skin prevents exposing the glans of the penis, it may have other complications, such as pain when urinating, discomfort during sexual intercourse and even more serious reactions, such as infections.

If these problems occur, the sexologist doctor in Delhi should be consulted and, through specific tests, he will indicate the most appropriate treatment for the situation, which may vary only from the use of a steroid cream or even the removal of the foreskin or skin accumulation. through surgery.

Hygiene After Intercourse

After any sexual intercourse, the man must wash the sexual organ, to remove semen residues or any complements used for the act, such as oils, lubricating gel, intimate cream or even the lubricant from the condom itself.

This washing can be done separately, using a sink or through a bath, which is the most recommended for male intimate hygiene, after sexual intercourse.

It is essential for the health of the penis to use condoms to avoid contamination of possible sexually transmitted diseases.

Trimming Or Shaving Intimate Hair?

The ideal is to trim and not shave. The hair is important for the protection of the place and should not be completely removed, says sex doctor in Delhi.

Shaving or any type of total hair removal can cause small lesions on the skin and these can result in an accumulation of bacteria and fungi, causing infections, which can be carried to the penis.

The accumulation of hair can result in a bad smell and is also not an attractive factor in intimate hygiene.

The ideal for men’s intimate hygiene, then, is to trim and not leave it naturally or completely without.

Underwear, Tightness And How To Sleep, The “Penis Clothing”

Men should opt for cotton underwear.

Fabrics such as synthetics can make it difficult to sweat, causing sweat to build up, increasing the risk of infections and diseases in the penis.

Underwear should be changed after every bath and sexual intercourse, at least once a day.

Panties should not be too tight as they increase the pressure and temperature in the testicles and may be responsible for the change in sperm, warns top sexologist in Delhi.

There is no correct position to store the penis, just make it comfortable.

Avoid the accumulation of dirty underwear in the sixth. The ideal for male intimate hygiene is to wash immediately after use, as this can prevent the accumulation of secretions and contamination of other clothes.

Consequences Of Poor Hygiene On The Penis

The consequences of poor male intimate hygiene of the penis go far beyond a bad smell.

They can lead to organ diseases such as balanitis, caused by bacterial and fungal infections.

Its symptoms are heat at the site, itching, pain, redness, yellowish discharge and burning.

Another big problem is penile cancer, which starts with a blister on the foreskin, glans or shaft of the penis.

Surgery is the most common treatment.

However, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can also be indicated, reaching, in more serious cases, amputation of the penis.

Your Penis Deserves The Best

You probably don’t use shaving foam on your hair, or deodorant on your beard, right?

Each part of your body has a particularity and needs products designed exclusively for that region.

Have you ever used specific soap for the penis?

If your answer is no, I invite you to a different experience.

There are several soaps for male intimate hygiene, for use in the genital area, taking care of your penis perfectly.


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