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Posted by on March 13, 2022

Perhaps, to understand the importance of couples therapy and sexuality, we should start with understanding what it is, and what we are talking about when we refer to it. On many occasions, it is understood only as having sexual relations; However, it is much more than that.

Sexuality is a quality: the quality of being sexualized. That is, how you are as a man or a woman, taking into account your body, your desires and your pleasures. All this conditions other aspects such as the way we relate, live, feel and experience.

Sometimes, one of these three components (body, desire and pleasure) is not what we would like it to be, and this leads to the rest of the aspects also being out of place, directly affecting the relationship.

It is at these times when couples therapy in sexuality becomes especially important. In addition, the sooner this is attended, the sooner the situation is redirected, achieving a positive experience of one’s own sexuality and, therefore, of both.

What is sex therapy for couples?

Going to couples and sexuality therapy can seem somewhat embarrassing, since many people find it difficult to talk about their most intimate experiences. However, going to sex treatment in Delhi is not only revealing our experiences, but also learning, rethinking and understanding sexual aspects.

To achieve this, different guidelines and specific methodologies are established in couples therapy for sexuality. On the one hand, the word is used, something essential in this type of aid, but other resources are also used, such as the tasks to be carried out at home individually and as a couple, giving guidelines and recommendations to apply them.

Therefore, different methodologies are used by sexologist in Delhi to achieve the objectives set, which are none other than redirecting a situation that makes it difficult for people to experience a positive sexuality.

When to go to couples and sexuality therapy?

Many people ask themselves this question, and doubt whether their situation is a reason to go to couples therapy in sexuality. The reasons for starting a treatment of this type may be different, and for this reason we are going to talk about some of them.

Common sexological difficulties

The most common and general problems that are exposed in couples therapy for sexuality are the following:

  • Anorgasmia: Difficulty or inability to reach orgasm.
  • Vaginismus and dyspareunia: impossibility and/or pain in vaginal penetration.
  • Erectile dysfunction: lack or loss of erection.
  • Premature or delayed ejaculation: lack of ejaculatory control.
  • Decreased sexual desire or rejection of sexuality: lack of desire by one and/or both members of the couple.
  • Filias or peculiarities in the encounters: pleasure is only achieved in concrete or specific conditions.

Problems that occur in the couple

On the other hand, we can also find some difficulties within the relationship, such as:

  • Difficulties or disagreements in the way of enjoying, in the frequency, the tastes…
  • Lack of agreements or communication that cause conflicts.
  • Discrepancies when it comes to understanding fidelity and/or infidelity and its consequences such as jealousy, setting limits, or managing the breakup.

Transsexuality cases

The development of one’s own sexual identity can create discomfort in the person for various reasons: lack of social acceptance, fears or insecurities, and is reflected in relationships with other people.

Because of sexual orientation 

Also other sexual conflicts, such as the acceptance of homosexuality, asexuality or bisexuality.

Other difficulties or queries

  • discomfort with masturbation
  • Advice on conception, contraception, STDs…

Phases of a sexual therapy session for couples

The most complicated step is usually deciding, and finally going to a sexologist clinic in Delhi for couples therapy.

Once this is overcome, it is time to get going; To do this, the sexologist in Delhi will set out various guidelines for you, guiding you through this process, which consists of different phases. If you wonder what are the main stages to which you expose yourself when you visit a sex therapist or sexologist doctor in Delhi, we explain them to you:

Start of treatment

It is about creating a good relationship between the top sexologist in Delhi and the couple who come to therapy. At this point, we will seek to collect all possible information about the situation that has brought you to the consultation, in an empathetic and respectful way.

Create a hypothesis and start the work

The best sexologist in Noida will create a hypothesis about the reason for consultation and its possible approaches. This will guide you in adjusting the methodology and directions to be taken in couples therapy, and in this way, the guidelines to be adopted will be initiated.

Progress in the process

As the sessions progress, the steps to be taken will be adjusted so that couples and sexuality therapy is as effective as possible. That is, it will seek to solve the difficulty in the best and shortest way.

Frequently asked questions about couples and sexuality therapy

Frequently, people who go to couples therapy have certain doubts related to fears due to ignorance of the help itself. This often leads them to attend self-conscious and fearful. Therefore, we are going to explain some issues that we consider important.

Are the sessions recorded?

Although some sexological therapists record the sessions to analyze them later, at Dr P K Gupta clinic we offer a service without using this system. In this way, couples who come to couples therapy in sexuality can be calm and speak freely, knowing that they will not be recorded.

Will the sexologist laugh at me?

The sex specialist in Delhi is a professional who does not judge at any time the people who come to the consultation. We will never approach a difficulty as a reason for ridicule, but as a situation to work on and improve.

Can sexual skills be improved?

What will be improved will be the sexuality of the couple. We will not focus on specific skills, but on generic ones, so that the experience of sexuality of those who attend is positive.

Sex therapy for couples with the sexologist

If when reading this post you have felt that you are experiencing any of the situations mentioned, at Dr P K Gupta clinic our sexologist in Karol Bagh willing to accompany you in the process to improve your sexuality. Do not think about it and get in touch with us!


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