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Posted by on August 22, 2022

In this article sexologist in Delhi will explain how healthy lifestyle habits help to have greater sexual satisfaction. Let us begin!

Our sexual satisfaction is related, among other things, to our lifestyle habits. And for a better quality of erectile and vascular function, it is essential that we take into account some aspects that in general we do not pay much attention to.

An article published in the International Journal of Impotence Research entitled “Lifestyle and metabolic approaches to maximizing erectile and vascular health” summarizes the fundamental care to be taken into account.

Within those routines that favor or harm sexuality, we can consider some very important ones such as: diet, physical activity, sleep, free time management, social life, tobacco, alcohol and drug consumption.

How is the relationship between healthy diets and sexual satisfaction?

A healthy and balanced diet is the first condition for a healthy body and mind, and in this sense, sometimes we will require the advice of nutritionists or even doctors who are experts in obesity, to adapt the diet to the particular circumstances. The best sexologist in Delhi advises to reduce the consumption of fats and sugar in food.

In the case of diseases such as diabetes, as well as when cholesterol or triglyceride levels are above normal levels, we need a specific diet and treatment. All these factors, frequently reflected in the increase in abdominal fat, increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

As a dietary supplement, and always thinking about the stimulation of nitric oxide -key in erectile function-, the regular consumption of antioxidants -such as vitamins C and E and green tea itself-, omega 3 and folic acid is recommended. The sexologist doctor in Delhi is the one who will indicate the recommended doses for each person.

How does physical activity favor sexuality?

Physical activity appropriate to age, gender and body characteristics is a factor that is becoming increasingly important for our sexual satisfaction. Exercise produces a general well-being and a whole series of specific advantages that as a whole favor sexual performance.

In fact, physical activity increases the production of nitric oxide and improves blood circulation at a general level and also in the cavernous bodies of the penis. And on the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle is a predisposing factor for different acute and chronic diseases, which is detrimental to sexual satisfaction, says the best sex doctor in Delhi.

Is it important to have a good rest to achieve greater sexual satisfaction?

The answer is clearly yes, because sleep is another of the really important habits, and perhaps one of the least we put on the scale. We need to rest for a certain number of hours, something that is also specific to each organism, and that is also a real rest, not just closing our eyes.

Many medical and psychological illnesses stem from sleep disorders, including sexual dysfunctions. If the sleep is not really restful, let’s not stop making the respective consultations to solve this problem, since “sleep clinics” that provide specialized treatment are becoming more and more frequent.

Remember that any treatment you do must always be accompanied by a change in your habits, abandoning those that do not collaborate in your process to add those that do take care of your health. Keep in mind that changing your lifestyle facilitates the speed of the results and helps the improvement obtained to be maintained over time, says sexologist in Delhi.

Don’t stop taking care of yourself!


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