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Posted by on September 25, 2022

The word “cure” implies that there is a disease. You should know that premature ejaculation is not really a disease, it is a male sexual dysfunction; most of the time it is a behavior that can be modified. That is why we dare to say that curing premature ejaculation once and for all is possible if we start with a correct diagnosis and follow the treatment recommended by an expert sexologist in Delhi to the letter.

Take note of what follows!

How do I know if I have a premature ejaculation problem?

There is often confusion about it. Many men think they have it because they climax before their partner and this is not necessarily an indicator of a problem. There is a difference between wanting to “last longer” and being a premature ejaculator. This difference lies in the lack of control over the moment of ejaculation.

Let’s explain in more detail: Premature ejaculation is not a question of time or duration, but of control -or lack of-. But if we need a reference in minutes, the best sexologist in Delhi considers that there may be a dysfunction when ejaculating between one and two minutes after penetration or even before penetration.

Identifying the following symptoms can help you know if you suffer from premature ejaculation or not

  • You ejaculate without being able to avoid it before you want it.
  • You ejaculate at the slightest stimulus or touch.
  • You ejaculate before penetration.
  • You ejaculate as soon as you penetrate.
  • This has happened to you throughout your sexual life.
  • It happens to you suddenly and it has happened more than once in the last three months.

It is important to know that this weather condition can generate a feeling of stress or discomfort with yourself, which you also cannot control no matter how hard you try. A good reference to know if you suffer from premature ejaculation is to talk to your partner.

Without hesitation or euphemisms, ask her if she feels satisfied, if she thinks there is something wrong, if your response to stimuli has changed or is too fast. Open yourself to dialogue without fear. The couple is the best mirror and she is able to see what you sometimes can’t, right?

How to cure premature ejaculation?

If you are waiting for a miracle to cure premature ejaculation with natural remedies, natural medicine, home remedies, a pill or exercise videos, forget it! You are wasting valuable time to get over your premature ejaculation once and for all.

When you suspect that you are being too quick to reach orgasm and your sex life is not satisfactory because of this, the best thing you can do is visit a sexologist doctor in Delhi who is an expert in male sexual health. From the first consultation, he will make a diagnosis based on some questions about your sexual history and very simple physical exams.

You will be reassured to know that in 90% of cases, the cause is bad learning that can be reversed. Very few patients have physical problems such as hypersensitivity in the glans or infections in the ducts that transport semen. Even so, there are treatments that will allow you to recover the pleasure of having longer lasting sexual relations.

The most effective solutions for premature ejaculation are those that address the problem from various angles: medical, psychological and therapeutic-sexual. Comprehensive treatment potentially increases the chances of success.

Probably a drug will be recommended by sexologist in Delhi to help you increase the intravaginal latency time (time the penis remains inside the vagina before ejaculating). Medications, in combination with some exercises designed by specialists, have given great results in thousands of patients.

These medications can increase the levels of a neurotransmitter in our brain, serotonin, or they can be local anesthetics that slightly decrease the sensitivity of the penis.

The origin of premature ejaculation can also be psychological. When the individual feels great anxiety, stress, fear of failure, low self-esteem or even depression, it is likely that these emotions “explode” in a premature ejaculation.

A hidden desire to “finish soon” or the desire to let off steam and reach the moment of “relaxation” after sex, can determine a pattern of compulsive behavior. The bad news is that sex will not fix emotional problems, on the contrary! If the underlying problem is not treated, it will only generate more anxiety.

The same thing happens when sexual intercourse is avoided for a long time. At the time of a sexual encounter, the accumulated desire will come out suddenly, without any control. In these cases, what is necessary is to take psychological therapy. A qualified sexologist in Delhi is the one to help the patient and guide him in the process of learning to control her emotions.

As we have already said, most cases of premature ejaculation are due to behavioral causes, that is, poorly learned practices from the beginning of sexual life or bad habits acquired at some point, which then remain as something “normal”.

The sexuality

Sexuality, like other human behaviors such as language or displays of affection, are learned. Although we are sexual beings and as we grow we develop a biological instinct to reproduce, sexual relations – at least good sexual relations, healthy and satisfying ones – are not carried out by instinct. We have to learn from the most basic such as visual and tactile stimuli, to how to create affective ties through sex.

When we begin to explore our body, we discover something that always makes us want more: pleasure. A sensation so pleasant that it momentarily disconnects us from the world. Sexual pleasure is an explosion of energy triggered by a multitude of neuronal connections and chemical substances in the brain: dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin… that make every cell in the body tremble, involve all our senses and finally, they explode in the long-awaited orgasm.

This is the most important point in the topic of premature ejaculation. Whoever suffers from it, stops feeling pleasure. Surprised? If you think about it, it makes all the sense in the world. For a premature ejaculator, ejaculation ceases to be a gratifying sensation and can become a mere automatic, distressing, embarrassing, painful reflex.

The conformity of women does not help either. You would be surprised how many women are dissatisfied because of premature ejaculation. Many of them prefer to remain silent so as not to hurt the man’s feelings, so as not to generate more problems or simply because they have not learned to seek their own pleasure; they were taught that this is the way it is, period. But imagine what it means for a man not to satisfy his partner. It takes a lot of selfishness to ignore that.

The inability to give pleasure will always cause frustration, sadness, anger. If men are valued for their performance in bed, there is no way to feel sure of themselves, let alone have a harmonious and happy life.

But whatever degree of premature ejaculation you suffer from, the premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi will be adjusted to your specific needs. You should be aware that the results are not as immediate as in the case of erectile dysfunction, which can be treated with a pill.

In the case of premature ejaculation, the treatment requires a longer period of therapy, since in addition to the medications indicated by the best sexologist in Delhi, a series of exercises are included that the patient must carry out to the letter over several weeks. With perseverance and discipline, in a reasonable time you will be able to notice the change. The degree of satisfaction for yourself and your partner will be the best indicator that you are doing it right.

And since we mentioned the couple, it is important that she gets involved in the treatment, as long as you feel comfortable with it and there is a good degree of communication between you. The participation of both will make the process faster, more pleasant and with the advantage of strengthening the ties between you. Remember that you are coming from a period of “misalignment” that affects both of you, so it would be very good if you stayed together to overcome premature ejaculation. Union make force!

Final considerations

  • Step one is to determine whether or not you suffer from premature ejaculation, this must be through a diagnosis made by sexologist in Delhi.
  • Talk to your partner. What affects them both, must be solved between the two.
  • Leave behind fear, anguish and shame. This is something that happens to millions of men around the world, but very few seek treatment. There is no reason to suffer in silence. Be one of those who do dare and be happy again.
  • Strictly follow the comprehensive treatment. In a few weeks you will start to see results.


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