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The 5 most frequently asked questions to the sexologist

The 5 most frequently asked questions to the sexologist

Nov. 12, 2022 by

Talking about sex is still a taboo subject for many and the reality is that we still do not have sex education in schools or even in health care. We grow up and know what sexuality is according to popular

How to control premature ejaculation

Mar. 12, 2022 by

Premature ejaculation happens when the man reaches orgasm in the first few seconds after penetration or before having penetrated, ending up being unsatisfactory for the couple. This sexual dysfunction is more common in adolescents, due to hormonal changes, which make

8 Warning Signs That Show Your Testosterone Level Is Low

Feb. 12, 2022 by

Sign of Low Testosterone Level: After the age of 30, the testosterone level in men can be somewhat low, but this is not a problem, but if your testosterone level becomes too low, it can cause many symptoms and can

How (and why) to do a sexual reset

Jan. 29, 2022 by

Sometimes life can become a constant schedule, especially in these times when the boundaries between private and work have become more complex. Sticking to a schedule of work goals can work, but it’s very different when it comes to sticking to

Peyronie’s Disease – What causes the curve of the penis

Sep. 3, 2021 by

Peyronie’s disease, or curved penis, is a syndrome that can be congenital or appears later in life. The latter occurs when there is minor damage to the penis, these lesions of the bladder tissue eventually causing the penis to curl. Many men

What are the most common sexual problems in men?

Sep. 1, 2021 by

Most people experience some form of sexual difficulty at some point in their lives. According to sexologist in Delhi, India, in men, most common problems are often caused by difficulties in achieving a sufficiently hard and lasting erection or pressure to control

Premature Ejaculation – Causes And Techniques

Jul. 31, 2021 by

According to sexologist in Delhi, India, Premature ejaculation is when, despite the man’s intentions, he is unable to properly control the time of his ejaculation and ejaculation occurs before or shortly after the vagina is satisfied, before the partner is

Low libido can be a sign of thyroid and heart problems

Jul. 27, 2021 by

It’s not just mental and relationship problems that can cause it if someone doesn’t want sex. Diseases may also be present in the background. The degree of sexual desire can be influenced by many external and internal factors. Most people attribute the

Diseases leading to sexual dysfunction

Jul. 24, 2021 by

Sexuality is a complex process. The sex life of a healthy person is a normal life function. If we live a healthy life, eat, exercise regularly and exercise, we have a positive effect on both our physical and mental health. In doing so,

Sexual problems indicate heart disease

Sexual problems indicate heart disease

May. 25, 2021 by

Sexual problems can also indicate heart disease: there are times when you have to go to the sexologist in Delhi It could easily be that erectile dysfunction may be one of the first signs of cardiovascular disease. However, many men are so ashamed that