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Free Internet in Airplane Mode

In this increasingly rapid technological age, smartphones and Internet networks are one of the indivisible elements. The media that connects the smartphone and the Internet world, of course, needs to use the quotas of the various packages offered by the mobile operator. Of course, use Airplane mode / Airplane mode to save quota when surfing in cyberspace. In addition to the quota package as a connection media, you can also stay for free on the internet using the wifi service. However, even if the Internet quota package is limited, there is no harm in trying the Internet for free on Android smartphones by enabling Airplane mode / Airplane mode.

Before explaining the core, first check what is called in-flight mode / in-flight mode. Airplane mode is a setting that can be used with many smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices. When enabled, Bluetooth, phone, Wi-Fi, and GPS will be disabled as the device will delay sending radio frequency signals.

This naming began with the fact that most airlines using radio frequency signal transmission equipment during the flight were banned using airplane mode to prevent the transmission of equipment. Enabling Airplane Mode disables all voice, text, phone, and other signal transmission technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be activated separately, even when the device is in airplane mode. Some airlines can accept this.

In-flight mode is also used for other purposes, such as being used to surf for free to enable in-flight mode and keep quotas efficient, as well as while in-flight. How to? Here’s how to surf for free in Airplane mode:

1. Enable Airplane mode / Airplane mode
There are several ways to enable this airplane mode. First press the on / off button to the right of the 2 seconds, then click Airplane Mode when several options appear. The second method is to open the notification bar and click “Airplane mode”. In the third method, select Settings / Settings Menu => Network and Wireless or Wireless and Network => Other or Other => Enable Airplane Mode / Select Airplane Mode.

2. Perform the dialing number on * # * # 4636 # * # *.
If your phone is active in Airplane mode / Airplane mode, enter the code * * * # # 4636 # * # * and enter the number as if you were calling. The selection menu is displayed automatically.

3. Airplane mode / Airplane mode data network settings
After entering the code * # * # 4636 # * # * automatically select phone info, usage statistics and Wi-Fi info. Perhaps the displays for some other smartphones have some other options that use English. Select Top if you want to write phone information to your smartphone. If you click on phone information, the default settings will be displayed. Change this to change the Airplane mode / Airplane mode settings.

The Set Network Type Preferred menu offers several network options, such as WCDMA preferred, LTE, and GSM. Then turn on Cellular Radio Power / Radio. Once Cellular Radio is in active mode, look for the Run Ping / Run Ping Test button. If the GPRS service shows the Connected status, the setup process is successful and you can surf for free in in-flight mode.

NB: In-flight mode / In-flight mode free Internet, not completely free. Connected data connections still require a quota. It is just that the quotas used in inflight mode / inflight mode are quite economical compared to normal mode.

Source: Cineam

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