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Posted by on May 28, 2019

With business cost-cutting measures becoming a lot more necessary during the present recession, businesses are usually faced with the tough decision of whether or not they should be laying off employees or not. If your business has lately experienced layoffs and perhaps experience more, then you are most likely wishing that there were a better approach to save more instead of laying-off some of your valuable employees. There is, and it rests within the green building niche in the form of energy efficiency.

It has turned out to be more than a buzzword among the environmental activists; energy efficiency has become more of an objective practice of significantly reducing businesses’ energy costs on a long-term basis, with some of them realizing energy efficiency and savings reaching the 7-figures on a yearly basis. HVAC and lighting systems are the two different operating systems that are energy efficient and the energy consulting services usually focus on.

With most of the HVAC and lighting systems accounting for 40 to 60 percent and approximately 30 percent of the commercial facilities’’ energy costs, respectively, it is easier to see how retrofitting a business facilities’ operating systems to accomplish energy efficiency could help reducing energy costs by a significant margin. The prime step in cutting down the energy  best b12 patch cost is by finding an energy efficiency consultancy service, which starts with an initial meeting to discuss the client’s objectives and set the project’s timeline.

The second step here is to have a comprehensive assessment of the facility’s interior, including the square footage, hours of operation, and current electrical costs. Throughout this assessment process with Conservergy consultants, they perform a variety of different technical measurements, including the metal halide, T12, and HPS measurements.

The third step here is to have a detailed project analysis. Using the detailed information the energy consultants get a project manager who will meet the client to discuss the project objectives and then determine the most suitable installation measures that lead to energy efficiency. If Utility or State rebates are accessible for the project, the project manager figures out the rebate amount and then factor it into the project’s eventual cost analysis.

The next step in this consulting process is the presentation of the project’s proposal. Once the project manager reviews the financial, work and environmental analysis of the project, it is then the client who decides whether they want to proceed or not. With a go-ahead, the project manager starts implementing the project by executing a pre-construction review. Then, as the project completes, a post-installation analysis is conducted, after which the project’s documentation is finalized.


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