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Posted by on December 13, 2022

If you think of a facial piercing, you can surely think of Labret piercing. It is often called as a tongue pillar as it is done above the chin and below the bottom lip. It was a part of history and was reserved only for the men of higher strata. flat back earrings is actually an adornment which is attached to the labrum and is a popular form of body piercing. It is pronounced as lay-bret and is pierced through the lower lip. But this unique piercing is commonly found at the center part of lower lip. Today labret piercing is considered as a symbol of fashion and self-empowerment by the people.

There are different types of labret piercing and the most common ones include lip labret piercing, spider bite piercing, snake bite piercing etc. These variations are based on the position of the piercing area. There is also lowbret piercing which is done close to the chin and lip is pierced very far down. In the initial step, piercing is done at 1.2, 1.6 or 2.0 mm diameter and only after the healing of initial piercing, further stretching can be done.

The process of piercing should be carried out by an expert. The desired spot for the pierce is marked and the lip is pulled away from the jaw using a clamp. The jewelry is pushed through the lip after pushing the piercing needle through the spot. Along with the clamps, the needle is removed and now the jewelry is secured. Piercing from the inside part of mouth to the outer skin is considered relatively painless according to most of the piercers. But standard labrets are pierced in a different way from the outer skin of lower lip to the inside part of mouth.

The flat back earrings is usually fitted with the help of a labret stud which looks like a barbell. To avoid the irritation of gum and teeth, use a barbell which is meant only for labret piercing. The labret stud comes in variety of designs and colors and it is the only jewelry recommended to use for labret piercing. There are many types of materials used for making these studs and you can easily find any desired designs easily.

The responsibility of the expert ends after the process and your part starts. The healing process may take several weeks and you need to give special care to the area.



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