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Posted by on August 10, 2020

Tip#1 To Get the Most from A Digital Marketing Seminar for Newbies: Make Sure You Can Afford It.

When considering going to a seminar, you have to take into account the travelling fees and all the others expenses. There are some free or very low- cost digital marketing seminars that are just a pitch fest of speakers bombarding the attendees with offers for products costing over a thousand dollar each.

There are two digital marketing seminars that are aimed at pure marketing and interactions.

The first one is The Marketing Cruise which has been around for over 15 years. This fun at sea event gathers savvy digital marketers in a relax atmosphere. (The 2020 cruise has been postponed to 2021 because of COVID 19 for now). Click here to get the Cruise info.

The second seminar that is well worth it is the GrooveCon seminar which comes as a free bonus when you sign-up for GrooveDigital, a revolutionary platform that will offer every software a digital marketing newbie needs like email responder, webinar hosting, video hosting, funnel builder, cloud hosting, etc for a limited one-time payment for lifetime access here.

Tip #2 To Get The Most From An Online Marketing Seminar For Beginners: Bring Plenty Of Paper To Take Notes.

You can bring two notepads, one for regular notes and one for action to take. Reread your notes before going to bed and try to even implement one action to further your online business.

Tip#3 To Get The Most From A Digital Marketing Seminar For Newbies: Close All Distractions. Close you phone, do not bring your laptop or tablet and give 100% of your attention to the speaker. You will get so much more out of your digital marketing seminar and will be showing respect for the speaker.

Tip #4 To Get The Most Out Of A Make Money Online Seminar For Beginners: Make Sure That The Seminar Is A Little Above Your Level. If you attend a digital marketing seminar that is about website coding and you have no interest in that, you will have wasted your time and money. If you attend an online marketing for newbies and you are at the intermediate level, you will not get much out of your seminar. As a rule of thumb, the seminar you are attending should be enough above your level that it challenges you but does not lose you. The same goes for the people you hang with at the digital marketing seminar. You should be learning from them and vice versa.

Tip#5 To Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Seminar As A Newbie: Control Yourself And Do Not Buy Everything That Is Pitched To You.

You have to realize that the speakers on stage are professional closers and will be offering you very tempting products. You also have to realize that most “make money online” products are not as good as they seem. Furthermore, when a seller brags about the weekly calls, the 600 training videos, etc. you have to realize that you will either not have time to go through that program or you will neglect your own online business.

Tip#6 To Get the Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Seminar For Newbies: Bring Your Business Cards With Your Picture On It.

To that same extend, we recommend that you get as many people’s business card or become their friend on social media. You never know when this connection will prove useful. Having your picture on your business card is not vanity. It is just a simple way of making sure that when the seminar attendees go back home with their stack of business card that they know just by seeing your picture who this business card belongs to and keep it.

Tip #7 To The Most Out Of Your Online Marketing Seminar: Talk To The Other Attendees.

Breaks and meals are a great occasion to meet and talk to the other attendees. Often, in those digital marketing seminars, there are quiet attendees that are actually superstars and making great money online. Also, by talking to people who are at your level or above, you will get and exchange great value sometimes more than from the speaker. We are not talking about leeching information but rather establishing a win-win relationship.

Tip#8 To Get The Most Out Of You Digital Marketing Seminar As A Newbie: Look If You Can Create A Mastermind Group.

The benefits of belonging to a mastermind group of people who are on the same level as you or a little higher are immense. A good mastermind group size is no more than 5 people to keep the flow going.

Tip#9 To Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Seminar As A Newbie: Make A Vacation Out Of It.

Seminars can be tax-deductible (check with your accountant) and can be a great occasion to stay a while longer and make a vacation out of it.

Tip#10 To Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Seminar For Newbies: Check The Program Before Signing-Up.

Any serious digital marketing seminar will have an outline of their program. Checking the program might save you signing-up to the wrong seminar. If the seminar is focused on importing from Asia and that is absolutely something you are not interested in then you just saved yourself a big problem by checking the seminar’s program.

Tip#11 To Get The Most Out Of An Online Marketing Seminar For Newbies: If There Is A Pre Or Post Seminar Make Sure To Check Them Out.

Since you already paid for the travel, any pre or post seminars are just icing on the cake. Furthermore, these smaller workshops allow you to connect more with the attendees and break the ice before the big event starts.

Tip#12 To Get The Most From A Digital Marketing Seminar For A Newbie Arrive Well-Rested. Most of these digital marketing seminars are packed and the attendees stay up after the conferences to talk about marketing tactics and their online business. It is a good thing to arrive well-rested to get the most out of those seminar days.

Nathalie Fiset, M.D. C.H.

The Big Internet Marketing Game dot com

Affiliate disclosure: “ I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.”


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