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Posted by on June 12, 2020

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Have you ever found yourself wondering, “what are the best weed dispensaries near me?” If your answer is yes, we totally hear you! We’ve been keeping our eye out for the best weed dispensaries in Downtown Long Beach as well.

California has become known worldwide for its thriving cannabis industry. The Golden State has long had liberal laws about the use of marijuana. It has quickly become the place to be for both cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients alike.

This is especially true in Downtown Long Beach, a place that has become famous for its countless weed dispensaries.

Weed Legalization

In the United States, there is no nationwide law that allows or prohibits the use of cannabis. The question of legality varies from state to state. Put simply, both federal laws and state laws are at play when determining the legality of all things cannabis-related.

Even with the 2018 Farm Bill in place, a state may have different laws regarding the use of marijuana, whether for medical purposes or adult use. That being said, it’s best to check the laws in the state you reside in even before purchasing any cannabis-related product.

In California, however, the answer to the common question, “Is weed legal?” is a resounding yes.

Among all the states, California has the most diverse cannabis scene. This is in large part thanks to the state’s progressive laws. From the city of Los Angeles to Long Beach, you’re bound to come across many recreational weed dispensaries.

You’ll be able to spot a cannabis shop faster than you can type “weed dispensaries near me” into a search engine.

Recreational Marijuana

Unsurprisingly, California has constantly been ahead of the curve when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. Way before dispensaries were considered trendy and cool, the state was already creating laws to allow the use of these organic substances.

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act was born in late November of 2018. This particular act allowed for the limited production and use of cannabis, so long as you were at least 21 years old. Under the Act, all legal adults are allowed to grow and tend to a maximum of six marijuana plants for personal consumption.

Currently, the Department of Public Health requires all licensed weed dispensaries in Downtown Long Beach and beyond to obtain permits to manufacture, package, and label all marijuana products.

Medical Marijuana

Over 20 years ago, in 1996, the use of marijuana strictly for medical purposes was already made legal within California. Medical marijuana patients have since been able to access the all-natural plant they need to possibly aid the symptoms of their illness.

In 2004, Senate Bill 420 provided more guidelines and modifications to the state law. It allowed patients and their respective caregivers to grow their own medical marijuana legally in limited amounts.

This bill also made purchasing, growing, and general access to medical marijuana easier. All a patient or their primary caretaker would need is a voluntary medical marijuana ID card.

Weed Dispensaries Near Me

Although cannabis dispensaries are found in abundance within the Downtown Long Beach area, they are definitely not created equal.

A definite indicator of a great weed dispensary is the presence of knowledgeable staff members. You don’t want to be purchasing a product, especially a cannabis-related product, from a person who has no clue as to what it actually is. You want someone who knows every detail about your product, be it a bud, edible, or oil tincture.

That’s exactly the experience you’ll get with Haven’s budtenders. Despite their expansive collection, they know all the aspects of each and every product in stock. They can even recommend a specific marijuana product to suit your needs.

This tailored and personal shopping experience is one you’ll get only at Haven dispensaries. Amid the many shops in the area, this one stands apart because of their incredible customer service and sheer professionalism. Their location even provides ample parking space to make their store more accessible to all.

Of the many weed dispensaries in Downtown Long Beach, Haven is where you’re guaranteed to come back home with a product handpicked just for you.


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