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Posted by on August 7, 2020

Do you know about the lapel pin? Most of us do no hear it, but this item is usually worn on the dress or over a jacket. Some of us have the curiosity to know about it what is Custom Lapel Pins and its origin. At the start, it only used to rank for military purposes. Gradually, the companies used them as to their identity their brand in public. When people look at the lapel pin, they recognize the organization’s motto. Nowadays, the primary purpose of the lapel pin used for social awareness programs such as cancer awareness campaigns. The lapel pin is a wearable metal piece. Often royal families used on their suits or clothes. When people go out for a walk for some social purpose, they like to wear the lapel pins on their clothes because they want to give a direct message to people what’s the motto behind it. In some situations, the pin describes the people’s associations or affiliation towards the brand or company. Those companies who work at a high level and have influences on the mass audience they like to wear metal pieces on their clothes.

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Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that provide you with the best services to design the right pin for your company or event. If you already have a logo or design for your company but want to reproduce it, they can assist you in from idea to production procedure. Lapel pins are known for promotion but also the best for fundraising campaigns.

  • Lapel pins inspired by boutonnieres

It started from men’s clothing; the designers of men’s suits started a hole in the lapel. As time went on, the gap is called boutonnieres, and its placed only for fresh flowers and associated with wealth, good luck, or protection. In the 16th century, only rich people or royal families can hold to their clothes. But with the time went on in the 19th –century, people used lapel pins accompanied by other accessories such as watch chains or other items. At that time, people did not use the lapel pins for any specific purpose they only use to show off their wealth, status, or good luck. At the start, lapel pins did not apply for any social awareness cause, but as time went on, people able to realize its importance in society.

  • People used lapel pins for status symbol instead of social awareness

In the old times, lapel pins associated with royal families or rich people. They wore those pins for their protection. Some of them thought that it could prevent us from danger. They used them to show off their status in society, but with time, the scenario has changed, and people used lapel pins for social awareness cause. They used it for promotional activities.

  • Lapel pins are brooches

Lapel pins are brooches, and people now used for their formal or informal clothes. If you want to help someone. Mostly, lapel pins attached to some particular club or organization. The reason for lapel pins to create awareness and grab the attention of the target audience. To design a badge, you can add text and a small slogan fro a specific event. The lapel pins usually attached to the social organizations for fundraising. It sold to collect funds for a club or organization.

Gs-Jj is famous for making high-quality, beautiful pins on your demand. If you already have a badge or slogan but want to reproduce it. The well trained professional team will modify things according to your needs. If you demand a picture, the sketch will paint.



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