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Posted by on March 20, 2021

Teak wood from Myanmar, a sort of hardwood, is known as the lord of woods.

Burma teak cut sizes can be mostly utilized for deck, cladding’s and any sort of furniture.

Aside from different family furniture’s like entryways, window outlines, shade and so on, the cut Teak sizes can likewise utilized in decks and furniture of yachts and ships.

Benefits of Burma teak Wood

• Burma Teak Wood is well known for its solidness and protection from water.

• It is extraordinary fit as a fiddle and strength and is normally strong.

• It gives a tasteful allure and imperial look to your furnishings. It gives any ideal completion and smooth clean on a superficial level.

• It is not difficult to deal with, clean and work with so a great deal of cut plans can be made.

• Teak wood is hard, accordingly making it impervious to termite.

• It is resistant to white insects and bug assault.

• Teak wood has versatility and strong fiber, each encouraging carpentry and empowering carpenters to make an expansive range of items.

• Teak wood is extremely solid and tough and consequently requires insignificant support.

• Every day care, for example, cleaning with material can cause your teak furniture to have a long life.

• Re-cleaning is prescribed following a couple of years to bring back the try to please furniture.

Shade of the wood:

The shade of teak wood fluctuates generally on what species a tree is and which part of the tree the wood is from. Shading goes from dim brilliant earthy colored to yellowish-white. A large portion of the teak utilized in families and nurseries is Golden earthy colored.

Finishing of the wood :

Some teak sellers may finish the wood, along these lines concealing its actual and making it debased. On the off chance that it does, you’ll need to distinguish the wood in some alternate manner. Teak wood gets hazier with age, so ensure you think about the age of the wood.


The aroma is an incredible pointer of genuine teak wood. Because of its huge measure of characteristic oils, it radiates a specific aroma. This aroma likewise lessens the opportunity of illness. In this way, hold the wood and smell it. You ought to have the option to smell the common oils, which for the most part smell like cowhide. The scent is one of the variables which make Teak wood extraordinary relaxation for outside.

Weight of the wood

Weight is another approach to distinguish teak wood. On the off chance that it is genuine teak wood, it will be thick and tolerably substantial. Get the wood and check in the event that it is substantial. On the off chance that it is stringy, light and permeable, it is presumably not teak.

As I at first referenced that there are part numerous variations in teak wood too like Burma teak, Burma Border teak, Indian Teak wood, etc. So the highlights may shift between various types of teak wood, I have referenced the most widely recognized highlights in this post, you can see every one of these variations here.

Water Test

The majority of the wood is for the most part for inside as it isn’t solid and water safe. However, that isn’t the situation for TEAK WOOD. Teakwoods go well consummately for nurseries or gallery to have some chai or espresso following a feverish day.

While dropping two marks of water trickling on genuine and counterfeit teak flooring, the water is consumed rapidly by counterfeit teak.

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