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Posted by on December 13, 2019

Rectangle decals are a classic shape of printing. These mostly contained adhesives on the back-side and ideal for exterior use. As online printing has been trending, they are ideal for custom applications. These are being used for their characteristics, which have made they’re used so immense that these are present almost all around us. Great for car windows, doors, laptops, and other clean smooth surfaces. It is highly conformable and durable for outdoor signage. This allows the light on the graphics to reflect back to the viewer, achieving vivid, colorful images. Rectangular decals¬†are printed in small, custom, standard and large sizes as per the needs, requirements, specifications, and budget of the business. Offset and digital printing techniques are mostly used for their printing.

Types Of Rectangle Decals:

Clear-Vinyl Window Decal:

These have a clear background. These are ideal for glass surfaces. These are available in a number of color combinations and designs. These can be used for Indoor and outdoor use. Used on windows for business, retail stores, homes and/or cars.

Clear With Face Adhesive:

These are used for windows signage. These are printed with the reversed image, Adhesive on the front side. These are mostly double-sided best for advertisement.

Clear With Back Adhesive:

These are printed with white ink behind the design to preserve opacity. Perfect for windows, bottles, as product labels or just to give the stickers a unique look.

Rectangular Decals

Rectangular Decals

The Material Used For Their Manufacturing:

Various materials are used for their manufacturing like Opaque Vinyl which is highly conformable and durable for indoor and outdoor signage. This allows the light on the graphics to reflect back to the viewer, achieving a vivid, colorful image. Another one is Clear Vinyl; this is specifically made for use with vehicles. It can be placed on almost every type of surface, including glass, metal, wood, and plastic. Clear vinyl decals printing is long-lasting, weather-resistant, and now UV protected are also available. These made with a glossy finish or you can choose to have a matte finish.

Applications Of Rectangle Decals:

Decals printing is being used for a number of reasons. These are also used as wall lettering decor with giant-sized horizontal or vertical images.

Hang Tags:

  • These are used to perform multiple tasking. These are attached to the particular and gives information about the item but, also used for barcodes.
  • These are used as parking permit hang tags.

Alarm Decals:

  • Most likely these are used for home security companies to avoid theft and as well giving information about the characteristics of the security system.
  • Used for compliant security labels.
  • These are used as Danger signs in various places.
  • These are used for inspection in industries where various cautions are written on them.
  • These are used for warning people about the machinery which is out of order.

Product Labels:

  • These are used on water bottles.
  • These used to make parking signs.
  • These are used to decorate electronics like glass and beverage refrigerator windows.
  • These are used as product labels of a different brand.


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