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Posted by on September 26, 2019


After a knee surgery in which a prosthesis is placed to replace the cartilage, a rehabilitation process is necessary. Recovery must be done as soon as possible, according to the best physiotherapist in Dwarka. That is why some recommend supporting the operated leg 24 hours after the operation, and even start taking steps with the help of some support such as crutches or a walker, after 48 hours.

First steps

The goal of physiotherapy in Dwarka after knee prosthesis surgery is to ensure that the patient can move with the greatest possible stability and reduce pain.

The first thing the physiotherapist in Dwarka can tell us, in addition to trying to stand up, is that we begin to walk around the room. It is also recommended to go up and down stairs. This movement will provide strength and more flexibility to the damaged knee. It is advisable to go down with the operated knee and go up with the one that has not undergone the operation. To do these maneuvers it will be necessary to rest on a cane.

Advanced exercises

Once the physiotherapist in Janakpuri sees that the previous movements are carried out normally, such as walking with crutches or a cane, we will move on to a second phase of rehabilitation that involves working the joint on a stretcher.

The main exercises are as follows:

  • Lying on the stretcher lift the operated leg while the quadriceps (the muscle of the front of the thigh) is contracted. Hold it in this position for about 5 or 10 seconds. Then lower it and repeat several series, until we notice exhaustion or the physiotherapist tells us to.
  • In the same position, move the foot back and forth for two or three minutes. During the execution we must try to tighten the muscles of the tibia and fibula.
  • Again lying down, contract the quadriceps as much as we can, trying to press with the lower part of the knee against the base of the stretcher, to work the extension of the joint. Stay like this for 5 to 10 seconds, and repeat according to what is stipulated.
  • In the same position as all the previous cases, try to bend the knee by sliding the foot on the surface of the bed or stretcher, and be like this for a few seconds and then stretch and repeat several times.

These are some of the basic exercises that will be done in the second phase of rehabilitation of a knee prosthesis, experts say, although some may be added while we are sitting. The physiotherapist in Uttam Nagar will explain to us what we should do at home to continue the recovery. As for the sports to be practiced after this type of intervention, it is generally advisable to avoid high impact sports that may have risks of falls such as basketball or handball.


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