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Posted by on November 20, 2019


Neurological physiotherapy in Dwarka is the branch of physiotherapy that treats the pathologies of the central or peripheral nervous system, caused by congenital or acquired causes, with consequences in terms of movement, posture or balance. Having dysfunctions of this type can generate significant inconveniences in the development of an autonomous life, reducing the independence of the patient when performing any daily activity, explains the best physiotherapist in Dwarka.

Unfortunately, the percentage of patients, both children and adults, who develop neurological diseases or suffer mishaps that have triggered them has been growing in recent years, and is expected to continue increasing in the coming decades. In spite of this, every day there is a greater awareness of this and, consequently, a greater scientific implication.

Neurological pathologies represent a heterogeneous group of conditions with different incidence . Some of them are cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, ALS , spina bifida or Parkinson’s ; the latter with more than 150,000 patients diagnosed in our country.

The objective of the physiotherapist in Dwarka specialized in these cases, therefore, will be to improve as much as possible the autonomy and independence of those affected, working on the adverse symptoms of each condition, such as spasticity, tremor, fatigue, dizziness, difficulties in gait, stability or posture ; In short, improve the quality of life of those who suffer from this type of disease. For this, different tools are available; in this case, the treatments and exercises Kabat, Vojta or Bobath , among others, with different results and application.

The work of the physiotherapist in Uttam Nagar in this field is complex; It must start from a global and multidisciplinary concept, valuing the response of both cognitive or emotional aspects, as well as those of a motor nature. At the same time, you should assess the patient’s abilities and agree, if possible, with this or his family the objectives that will be achieved before addressing any possible treatment.

In this sense, the joint involvement in therapy is essential, but so is the personalization that the physiotherapist in janakpuri must make of each element used when applying it to the patient. Something that should not be forgotten to achieve positive results is to work empathy. In this sense, we must create a climate of trust, tranquility, optimism and comfort conducive to maximize the benefits of the treatment ; A really differentiating fact when it comes to children.

According to different studies, the brain reaches its highest degree of plasticity during the period of 0 to 6 years, but never disappears. It is precisely this capacity that bases the rehabilitation work and will be during that stage when it becomes more important. The urgency at the time of initiating a treatment, as well as the continuity in the time of this will significantly influence the recovery of the functions. It is therefore necessary to raise awareness about the need for early attention, especially when it comes to children.

Responding to how or when to apply the techniques to provide a service adapted to each case implies a constant update and learning work of the physiotherapist in Uttam Nagar; a commitment of great importance to help recover as much as possible the autonomy of patients with pathologies as limiting as these.


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