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Posted by on February 11, 2021

Today, life expectancy is increasing, so we find ourselves with an increasingly long-lived population. And, therefore, there are more and more cases of dependents. For this reason, on many occasions, families, faced with the situation of not knowing how to take care of their loved ones, can resort to the possibility of taking their relative to a Residence. Or, that they receive all the care in their own home. What we call Home Rehabilitation.

In either of these two cases, Physiotherapy in Dwarka is a very important section to improve and increase your quality of life.

It is important to note that the role or goal of a home physiotherapist in Dwarka goes far beyond a simple massage, as some still think today.

Sometimes, we have questions or doubts related to Rehabilitation or Home Physiotherapy in Dwarka. The most frequent are usually:

When is it necessary to perform Home Rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy or Home Rehabilitation may be considered necessary when the patient has a pathology or injury that prevents or makes it impossible to travel to our Clinic. And the patient needs this treatment to achieve recovery.

Who is Physiotherapy at home oriented or directed to?

Anyone can make use of Home Rehabilitation. Both an elderly patient and a young person. Due to different causes, injuries or pathologies they are obliged to stay at home.

What injuries or pathologies do patients who need Home Rehabilitation usually present?

Patients who call the home physiotherapist in Dwarka requesting this type of services usually have or present a wide variety of pathologies.

Next, we can name some of the most common:

  • Those that are related to some type of neurological injury. For example, Multiple Sclerosis, Hemiplegia, Hemiparesis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), etc.
  • When age-specific pathologies occur. They can be Senile Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.
  • When there are pathologies or traumatic injuries. For example: hip or knee replacement, hip fractures or any other bone or area of ​​the body, etc.
  • When the patient presents some trauma or blow of significant intensity. For example: a traffic accident.
  • To prevent or rehabilitate any type of sports injury.
  • Or, simply, on those occasions that the patient does not have time to travel to the Physiotherapy centre in Dwarka and needs some type of Rehabilitation Treatment.

Is it possible to recover properly by doing home rehabilitation?

It is evident that our home physiotherapist in Dwarka cannot transfer all the material that is possessed in the Physiotherapy centre in Dwarka. For example, an Ultrasound or Magnetic Fields. But they carry the tools or equipment which are necessary for the rehabilitation.

Even so, most of physiotherapy are carried out with Manual Therapies. In other words, in all the Treatments physiotherapist in Dwarka always use their hands as a fundamental working tool.

Therefore, it is not a fundamental or priority condition, since there are many advantages of receiving Home Physiotherapy in Dwarka. In addition, for many patients it has become a totally essential service.

Benefits of Home Rehabilitation Treatments

Once the most frequent questions or doubts that the patient may have have been discussed, we are going to name the main benefits of performing Home Physiotherapy in Dwarka or Rehabilitation at Home. There are many, but we are going to point out the most outstanding benefits:

❖ The most significant or the most important is the ease of receiving this type of service from the comfort of your home.

❖ This type of treatment provides the patient with a quick service, without having to alter or vary their daily routine.

The home physiotherapist in Dwarka are aware that on many occasions due to schedules, or lack of time or due to problems and / or difficulties in mobility, our patients cannot attend our Consultation. Therefore, receiving treatment or performing Rehabilitation at home is a perfect and comfortable solution for the patient.

❖ It will allow to offer patients, who have reduced mobility, to carry out their Rehabilitation. The goal is to achieve a quick recovery and improve your physical capacity.

❖ Allows patients to recover. Providing the pertinent rest that the Doctor has prescribed.

❖ The home physiotherapist in Dwarka will know first-hand the environment in which the patient lives. With this to be able to advise you in a more concrete way, on the most appropriate habits to carry out your day to day. This will help the patient to recover faster.

❖ On some occasions, the home physiotherapist in Dwarka meet patients who are elderly or have suffered some type of Neurological Injury (such as an STROKE).

In these cases, Home Rehabilitation offers advantages that are very important, such as:

1.- The patient feels comfortable when performing the Rehabilitation. Since, it is in its usual and familiar environment.

2.- Being in a familiar environment, you will not be disoriented.

3.- The Physiotherapist will be in permanent contact with the family members, indicating the great advances that the patient makes. And even on many occasions when the family member is there, the home physiotherapist in Dwarka can indicate and teach a series of guidelines so that the patient’s recovery is much faster and more effective.


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