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Posted by on September 2, 2021

The hip joint is formed by the junction between the pelvic bones and the femur. In the part of the femur that is attached to the pelvis, a “sphere” is created called the head of the femur. In turn, this head fits into a hole that exists in the pelvis, creating a perfect gear that allows the bone to move in many of its directions.

Both the head of the femur, and the hollow of the pelvis in which it articulates, are covered with cartilage. Cartilage is a tissue that facilitates movement between bones and prevents them from rubbing directly against each other. Over the years and, as a consequence of the progressive deterioration of these cartilage, its thickness and texture are lost, even disappearing.

All this can cause a loss of the correct interlocking between the femur and the pelvis and consequently, symptoms of hip osteoarthritis, explains the Best Physiotherapist in Dwarka.

Best rehabilitation treatments for hip osteoarthritis

In Physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka, we offer exercises that tone and keep the hip in good condition, although we always study the patient before starting any program to see if they are able to perform these exercises, or if they need to make modifications to them, omit them or perform other more personalized.

Our physiotherapist in Dwarka will be able to recommend an alternative or complementary exercise program to relieve the pain of hip osteoarthritis such as: riding a bicycle, walking frequently or climbing stairs.
In case the rehabilitation treatments are not enough for the patient and therefore he continues to notice severe pain in the hip, it would be advisable to perform a hip operation.

Active hip mobilization exercises

These are exercises in which the hip joint is actively and freely mobilized by the patient himself, with the help of the physiotherapist in Dwarka. Its objective is to maintain maximum joint width to promote correct mobility during the different activities of daily life such as going up and down stairs or walking.

Exercises to strengthen and enhance the hip muscles

They are exercises designed to strengthen all the muscles of the hip and lower limb, in order to achieve a correct position for walking and moving. In short, it is intended to establish correct daily life with little pain, explains the Physiotherapist in Janakpuri.

Stretching exercises to relax the muscles as a whole

It consists of performing exercises to elongate musculotendinous structures. The joint width must be respected without causing pain, avoiding doing them abruptly, always with prior preparation and progressively. Physiotherapist in Janakpuri would move the limb to the point where the patient feels tension and hold the position for approximately 20 seconds.


With the aim that patients suffering from osteoarthritis can better understand their disease and improve their lives with small gestures, the Best Physiotherapist in Dwarka has prepared a catalog with recommendations that can be carried out in your day-to-day life.

Preventive measures for hip osteoarthritis

1. Maintain a correct body weight

Obesity is one of the causes of the disease, and it also makes it progress more quickly. No special diets are necessary when suffering from this disease, nor are there completely forbidden foods. A low calorie diet is sufficient.

2. Hot and cold

In general, heat is beneficial to alleviate pain in osteoarthritis. It can be applied at home, with the electric mat or the hot water bottle placed on the sore joint. They relieve pain and relax the muscles . Sometimes, the joint can have an intense inflammatory outbreak, so in these cases we must apply cold locally, using ice packs or cold baths.

3. Suitable footwear

A thick-soled shoe should be used that absorbs the force of the impact of the foot against the ground when walking. This can also be achieved with silicone inserts or heel pads that are placed on the shoe. You should not wear shoes with excessive heels. It is preferable to use flat shoes or with a slight heel.

4. Avoid overloading the joints

Do not take excessive weights, try not to walk on uneven terrain and not stand excessively without resting. Use a cart to carry the purchase. Using a cane to walk also helps reduce stress on those joints, suggests the Physiotherapist in Uttam Nagar.

Before any slight suspicion of pain, it is recommended to go to a specialized center where a rheumatologist can study your case, establish the diagnosis of hip osteoarthritis and differentiate it from other joint diseases. This professional will refer you to other specialists such as physiotherapists at Physiotherapy centre in Dwarka to begin your physical therapy or rehabilitation treatment for arthritis if your condition has worsened and you have had to operate.


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