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Posted by on August 25, 2020

Recently, penile cancer has made headlines in major Indian newspapers. Data on organ amputations and the growth of the disease in the country worried many people, including the government. So, in order to highlight the types of cancers treated in oncology urology, I write this text. First of all, I emphasize that penile cancer is one of the tumours treated by oncological urology. In this, especially, I highlight the cancers treated by this speciality. Want to know more? Read on!

What is oncological urology?

Like other medical specialities, this area deals with a specific cause. In other words, it is the field of urology dedicated to neoplasms that develop in the urogenital system. The best urologist in Noida has the responsibility to prevent, diagnose, investigate and treat malignant tumours. Usually, urological cancers are treated by surgical intervention, which, in most cases, are less invasive.

What are the types of cancers treated in oncology urology?

As I mentioned, penis cancer is included in the list of cancers treated by the urologist in Noida. The pathology, which represents 2% of the types of cancers, causes the death of more than 4000 men annually, in India alone. Generally, the lack of hygiene, the narrowing of the foreskin, as well as the manifestation of the human papillomavirus (HPV), are directly related to the disease. But, it doesn’t stop there, because there are other malignant neoplasms that integrate the attention of the speciality.

Diseases treated by oncological urology

Bladder cancer

Most of the time, white and older men tend to be the most affected by this problem. It is worth mentioning that smoking increases the risk of tumour manifestation up to 70%. In addition, certain chemical substances, such as pesticides, aluminium, drugs and oil contribute to the onset of the disease.

Kidney cancer

Wilms’ tumour, as it is also called, is of unknown cause. However, some genetic syndromes, such as WAGR, Beckwith-Wiedemann, and genitourinary abnormalities are commonly associated with its appearance. In this case, early diagnosis is essential for successful kidney cancer treatment in Delhi.

Prostate cancer

Unfortunately, this is the second type that kills the most Indian men, and, generally, old age is one of the risk factors for the appearance of the problem. However, there are other characteristics that increase the likelihood of the disease manifesting. In this sense, a urologist in Greater Noida highlights the excess of body fat, genetic factors and continuous exposure to certain chemical substances.

Testicular cancer

This type has low mortality when identified early. Therefore, it is always good to pay attention to risk factors, in this case, family history, exposure to pesticides, lesions in the scrotum and cryptorchidism, which is the absence of testicles (1 or 2).

Urinary tract cancer

Tumours of the excretory pathways are usually rare and are often associated with the histology of bladder cancer and smoking.

Oncological urology is a speciality dedicated to the treatment of tumours. That is, the professional in this segment is able to treat cancers related to the penis, bladder and prostate. So, if you are male, you are over 40 years old and have never been to the urologist in Ghaziabad, make an appointment as soon as possible, because prevention is still the best option. Want to know more? I am available to answer any questions you may have, and I will be very happy to answer your comments on this matter.


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