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Earth Floor and Chair-Free Furnitures offer mankind a return to the positions we made at home in nature. There are three flooring varieties and multiple seatless furnitures that have you standing or laying to improve blood flow, musculature, and memory in the comfort of your own house. No more bad backs, pinched nerves, pins and needles, or restless legs. Open up your living space today by converting your home to an Earth Floor Home.


Vertebrate life on earth require terrestrial contact.  Reptilian, avian, mammalian, and our closest bipedal hominin all formed exclusively on sediment. The result of the living relationship between innovation and reproduction, is earth’s vast variety of specie. Never before a concept of discomfort or filth on earth, the leading pack of Sapien specie exacted new requirements for procreation, which included a heavy understanding of world social structures, and emphasis on extra-corporeal inventions, which have no concern for the newly delicated Sapien vessel. A simultaneous transfix on being the most and least sensitive to our body, our living animals, and our planet. This allowed the creation of carnivore, and the shelter from which they hide from the regret of kill. With meat-eating nutritional embellishment comes two-fold body punishment: an internal digestive system that is attacked by the flesh it consumes, plus an external digestive system that is attacked by the home it has built, to hide its cannibalism. It is true that vegetarians need no home, with adaptive circulation, no fear of others, and the love of exercise that expands vegetable habitation, through defecation. Life populace’s solution is a swift return to the jungle, and to control our leading pack of mankind from its carnivorous tendency, and the animal ancestors we have allowed to eat eachother, in our reflection.

Due to raising on dirt ground, we are unequipped to careful stepping or motions which anticipate pain. Since antiquity, (10,000 ya) various social groups have embraced shoes in public, to combat stone or brick paths, and in recent, paved paths. Comfort in nostalgia and tools for effective communication are limiting us from making a return to nature easy, and by this we continue to regard culture and technological advancement as a path. Profession and production could carry on, if invention is incapable of harm, meaning that we can opt into them without sacrifice to our shared living biology, and only after optimal maturation, so we do not affect our early reproductive cycle. Realistically, first world countries bare substantial pronation to minor injury, that after years become major, without a place, and thus, an ability to recover. Man faces concrete sidewalks in cushioned sport shoes, work sites that require heavy steel-toe boots, and tile or stiff floorboard while barefoot at home. Alongside with an overabundance of flat surface which man cannot run or lay on, comes the seated position, in popularity since European colonization and American industrialization (500 ya). Our generation is currently accepting the chair for breakfast, bathroom, transport, work, lunch, dinner and entertainment, leaving a thin margin of daily leg use, and leading to professional handicap. With the “body” external and the “mind” internal, deactivation of the foot, leg, hip, and back from normal upright daily use deactivates ancestral body and mind, since we do not feel, nor see ourselves doing this.  Sedentary lifestyle chokes our ancestor from consciousness. There is no substitute for bare feet that motion on sediment, nor a repetitious gym exercise to replace simplicity of walks, and the freedom of play.

Danger to Health

Humans are not adapted to wear any footwear, but toleration through social, spiritual and reproductive upbringing began around 40,000 years ago, according to fossil evidence of skeletal morphing. Since then, we have been damaging the lower limbs that remain for locomotion, while the forward limbs are used strictly for new tooling, which results in body stimulation that is pained from the former, and confused from the latter. Arches in the foot, for example, are only as old as the footwear that carved them out, first appearing in Eastern culture in the form of foot bindings, and spread to the Middle East and Europe during the Spice Trade era, and tacit world adherence to this leading Sapien group morphed Natives health via acceptance of new social structure for technology; echoing throughout our specie when health is our greatest language. Where shoes are worn, and on surfaces not regularly experienced in our naked, natural form, comes resistive muscle starting at the foot and growing up into the rest of the body. This kind of movement restricts bloodflow, which slows thinking and damages perception of space and time, and can become the prominent functioning musculatory system, if an area is not provided for the body to heal. The body, relationships, and world are evident of an ability yet-to-be to undo the offerings from high societies’ new devices, as yesterdays luxury becomes todays requirement. Today’s health conscious measure digestibility of an egg yellow (as if in prehistory we secretly took time to seperate egg whites or shell, for that matter) while blaming specific plants for indigestion, consider safety a vibrating box that moves faster than any earth animal to be normal, believe that strength comes from lifting inanimate objects at a gym rather than eachother, and use our innovative side to tantalize dreams of exploration at a near paralysis of a empty, black hellspace via exploding metal coffins. The misconceptions exist from filling the void that meat consumers have for the natural tendency of self care, which we all cherish as human beings, or living creatures, regardless of diet. Which is fundamentally why Earth Floors have conception; to primarily offer a better living space for the vegetarian succumb by familial and friendly relation or location, and also for the meat consumer, to become conscious of natural health without a notion of “healthy meat” or modern qualitative measure of said meat that must already occur in the plant itself (by virtue of the animal eating a plant to generate blood) and to change their diet as they learn about the relationship kept with our leading Sapien life and the animal we have historically enslaved as slaughter worthy; health restoration brings conscience restoration.

Like most facets in life, we are imperatively equipped to handle any obstacle in new environments. The emergency is perceptional, in that we react to our environment innately, which causes the body to move, which causes the mind to register surroundings, and to react to the adjusted environment by moving the body again, and then comparing. With paralysis not optional for formation of life, we face an end to the aforementioned cycle if there is only a rear view mirror to the past successes of health to play in, for our search for 20th century definition of medical health, which criminally isolates the individual, and psychology which isolates mind and experiences to the point of condemnation. Only a few hundred years ago, with the exception of Europe, the vast majority of the world was sparesly clothed, unshodden, highly active and free-spirited. Imprisoning our body is nonintellectual. Finally, as an example, if it has taken 2 million years for us to link smoking with cancer, then the disease from the limited positions we endure while sedentary have yet to immobilize a precious part of our consciousness (Note that smoking is akin to cooking, and cancer comes from eating animal, and is blood transfusion which results in an involuntary attempt of the carnivore body to move in kind with the living members of its digesting animal, causing the added blood to attempt recreation of building vital organs at random in the host).

The Cannibal’s Tool War (note: regardless of material type there should be no hesitation nor lightness of handling.)

Soles have the most nerve endings, and being the only part of the Sapien body which is in regular contact with terrain, the foot feeds the brain its power. In other words, the brain requires the flow of blood to identify surroundings of itself, for success and growth of health. Blood flow is a direct result of impact, and the ground has been the primary source for this, with intimacy of mate, family or friend serving as second source. This order has a new opponent, the man-made machine, which can interject intermittedly as first, second or third. With this, the brain activity is regulated by the blood generated from engine vibrations, as fine as a mobile phone fan, or, a series of pistons which fire in an 18-wheeler truck. Occurring on man-made surfaces, and or in man-made footwear, there is less interfacing with the feet on the ground, so less blood is delivered to the feet, or the ground for that matter, which means veins are being choked and bones become weaker (illustrated in the far right panel, expressing societies that served as technological tour leaders). Those raised in shoes already have their mind made by this limitation, which is why some veins grow thick, and eventually break later in life (due to overwhelming circumferential stress from blood-bile mixture by flesh consumption processing-inability). Blood flow should not rely on improper heavy stepping due to comfortable cushioned sport shoes, nor thick construction boots, and similarly by careful stepping, which is reserved for the hunting carnivore, with thin slippers or minimalist shoes.

From The Research of Steven Robbins (below)

Humans are not biologically sedentary, rather they are driven to maintain near constant mobility during wakeful hours by addictive hormonal systems (endorphins). Constant mobility maintains a euphoric state – a feeling of well being and elevated pain thresholds. This satisfied intense nutritional needs and optimal reproductive behavior needed for species survival. The shoe sole is an interface between the plantar and support surfaces and inherent to its design. They attenuate mainly plantar shear but also vertical deformations which are adequate stimuli for plantar SA II mechanoreceptors. They also amplify frontal plane foot movement which creates sensory “noise” that results in instability that leads to amplified impact. Therefore, all footwear exact a health and mobility cost. Mobile humans suffer frequent injuries resulting from acute and chronic overloading of foot structures. Further, inadequate plantar load re-distribution caused by footwear results in plantar skin discomfort that humans avoid through becoming sedentary. Plantar sensory feedback provides humans with safe and efficient mobility when their bare feet are interacting with naturally deposited ground. Footwear use is the environmental constraint on weight-bearing that caused humans to become sedentary. They also caused lowered levels of endorphins than typical of humans previously. This has probably lead to psychological changes, such as a rise in anxiety, depressiveness, attenuated reproductive activity and lower pain thresholds typical of low endorphin existence. Humans are poorly adapted to maintaining the semi-recumbent posture intrinsic to a sedentary lifestyle. This may explain common problems of distal colon motility. For example the distal colon distention caused by inadequate gravitational aid to distal colon motility caused by the sedentary lifestyle may account for the present near universal symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, diverticula formation and eventual diverticulitis. Obesity is not inherent to humans, but rather a consequence of attenuated energy utilization from reduced weight-bearing time. Gait disturbances and excessive stride length are caused by footwear, such as patella dislocation, chondromalacia patella and patellofemoral pain disorder. Poor sensory feedback provided by footwear accounts for falls and ankle spraining.

Earth Floor Concept

“Create flooring for urban spaces that simulate natural earth, soft like sediment to redistribute by walking and conform from standing. Essentially replacing hardwood flooring, tile and carpet. Must be a rubber of multiple durometers. Can be colored or plain. Offer different types to mimic soft or hard soil, grasses, sand or hybrids. Suggest owning several types of artificial terrain for single units to give variety to foot and body. Make it easily washable and repairable. As the floor evolves the feet will continually learn new areas. Most importantly make it cheap, less than 1 USD per square foot at production level cost. No family should pay more than several hundred for a home. Install free at low-income residences that by definition house those who lack adequate funds for gym membership, large open yards and forestry, or personal trainers to maintain health.” concept in journal, 2015.

*The only modification so far to the concept may be cost of material.

Product Concepts

Click on images to the right for large resolutions of sketches.

Initial designs for Earth Floor homes were made for standing and laying lifestyle to mimic the most basic features of savanna and forestry. The flooring is designed to act as a surrogate of sediment, composed of either dirt, elastomers, or a mixture of both, with consideration of material displacement in areas of frequent traffic as an analog to foot paths that compact or reveal firmer soil beneath, while pushing the softer material to adjacent infrequent areas that will be used primarily for reclination. By allowing the bare foot to walk carelessly (heavily) without restraint of gentle (light-footed) steps, the body will lose tension attributed to painful steps taken during active social hours spent on concrete sidewalks or tiled office buildings. No careful sitting on delicate furniture; Earth Floors are designed to fall easily onto like on you would on soil, so that muscles used in the act to transfer from stand to lay are not tense nor slowed down. Earth Floors are good environment for infants and toddlers to navigate without fear, there would be no scraped knees or hard falls on stiff flooring; parents can crawl too.

Upon arrival at home the shoes are removed and placed in bin near entryway and the bare foot is immediately immersed into bath to remove foreign shoe and sock material as well as any objects that were picked up during the day, and then dried on a towel. A non functional benefit is that delicate objects will not break if they are accidentally dropped. No cracks in flooring mean easy cleaning. Porosity of material benefit from acclimation of human oil over time and cleaning is infrequent. Some items are not available for Sifted Sand, Dirt, or Hybrid.

    1. Earth Floor. Available in three types. All are constructed with a two inch wooden container atop the entire space, the container covered with 3/8″ Neoprene rubber. Necessary for most Earth Floor furniture to be functional.
      Sifted Sand, Dirt, or Hybrid. Organic material removed. Optional 1/8″ transparent flexible puncture resistent rubber top.Sifted Sand or Dirt suspended in Gel. Coated with Hydrophobic compound causing grains to stick to one another, and not to skin or other objects. Alternatively, sand or dirt suspended in gel. Similar compactibility to wet sand. Optional 1/8″ transparent flexible puncture resistent rubber top.Multi-layered Synthetic Rubber. 7/8″ Gel, or epoxy with low curing temperature with sand or dirt suspended (Shore 00 Extra-soft) top layer, 5/8″ rubber (Shore 00 Medium-soft) bottom layer (pictured on the right from bottom to top: original hardwood flooring, sealed plywood, fire resistent rubber, firm rubber, soft gel). Areas of high frequency walking form foot paths and push gel into areas of relaxation (beaten path shown in picture above as shadowed areas on floor).
    2. Floor Lamp. Natural light only comes from the sky (with notable exception to volcanic eruption hopefully in the distance) otherwise it has always been found on the ground in the form of fire. Since the advent of fire (2 million ya.) our eyes have adapted perception of artificial light below us. Earth Floor Floor Lamp features one-way mirror with reflective surface on the inside to pronounce light from the bulb and stained red, orange, and yellow coloring on the translucent side. A removable lid sits atop to control brightness. Operated by toggle switch.
    3. Baumstamm im östlichen Teutoburger Wald, Bielefeld Senne, 2014, Butterfly2404Reclining Log. Since the time our specie left the tree (5 million ya.) they have been falling and we repurposed the log for resting. Sit with outstretched legs on the floor, squat atop, lay along the length on back or stomach, or prop up the head. Available natural, stained, and coated transparent, translucent or opaque. 
    4. Leaning Log. Pushed against the wall the Leaning Log is used to rest against while standing upright. Heavy leaning is good for relaxing the legs and building strong sense of ease with general contact in contrast of gentle leaning on furniture that may tip over in anticipation of hurting the body. Available natural, stained, and coated transparent, translucent or opaque. Requires wall mounting. 
    5. Entertainment Set Swivel. Like the Floor Lamp artificial light prior to electrical power was at ground level. Addressing the human-factor of television, it is not living so does not need to be looked up to, and belongs below us to maintain level and upward looks for humans. Attaches to the back of television and sits vertical for laying and swivels up to 30 degrees for standing. Can also be used for stereos and speakers. Portability allows it to move around living space for variety in ocular depth, focus, angle and lighting. Base is weighted to sink into flooring (pictured in sketch on left).
    6. Stick Mat. Likely occurring to stabilize walks on loose-wet soil around early villages; used to add variety to home floor and for the foot to interface with other natural profiles. Comes in mat form (pictured) for standing and as a runner for hallways. Uniformly sided so it is flip-able. Available in natural, stained, or coated transparent, translucent or opaque.
    7. Cobblestone Mat. Like the Stick Mat, comes as a mat and runner (both pictured). Graduated edge and stone size to blend in with surrounding flooring. Has a base-side. Available in transparent, translucent, or opaque.
    8. Small Table. Use for eating, reading, computing. 2 x 2′ with centered pole and raised rim along the edges. Use pin to adjust height from the floor (pictured left) up to five feet (pictured right). Anchored base sinks into floor like Entertainment Swivel Set.
    9. Dining Table. Designed like the Small Table. 3 x 5′ with center poles and raised rim along the edges. Use pin to adjust height that ranges from the floor up to five feet (pictured right). Anchored base sinks into floor like Entertainment Swivel Set.
    10. Brush Plush. Similar to a grassy brush, for laying atop, resting the head against or lifting the feet up. Cushioned on one side; flip over to lay into large grass-like reeds suspended in gel. No definitive orientation otherwise. 
    11. Pit Toilet for 4-Legged or Squat. Forced seated defecation uses blood exclusively from lower abdominal and back muscles acting to balance, which strains and weakens. By making the entire body active there is more uniform drawing of blood to help pass feces. A raised pot approximately 1′ in width and 1.5′ in length with custom paper landing site above traditional water plumbing. Can be fitted for compost style toilet if plumbing is not desired.
    12. Lay Mound. Offering a change in body position by mimicking a small mound, enough for one body to lay across or several to share in limited recline positions. Available in firm or soft. 
    13. Foot Bath. To keep foriegn material off of flooring keep a Earth Floor Foot Bath near the entrance. Wash and dry when returning home. A 1′ by 1′ bath with adjacent towel holder.
    14. Floor Sink. Dishes washed like bending or sitting near a stream. 
    15. Plunge Bed. Dive into the bedding container. Includes 40 degree rubber ramp (no stubbing of toe), a reversible firm-soft base at the bottom and 2′ walls to throw as many blankets as needed for warmth. Pillows are non-compatible.
    16. Burrow Pillow. Mammalian divergence (60 million ya.) saw dirt burrowing, where families filled the rounded chamber. Maintaining spinal orientation of quadruped horizontality includes neck curvature for good breathing and digestion. The pillow (pictured on right) is flexible by several joints and nests the neck. Larger version for the entire spinal column available.
    17. Climate Frigerator. Cool nights of autumn, winter and spring have allowed for food storage for millenia. This cooling unit is built seamlessly against window, with a sturdy wooden countertop perfect for preparing food, storing additional food or plants. A screen covered vent stays outside window all year and can be shut. Electricity free.

    18. Furniture Lift. For dressers, cabinets or book cases use lifts to balance lightweight furniture and graduate weight for heavy furniture (to maintain integrity of top layer of rubber).


After moving furniture out of room, installation is completed in four steps (picture on the right starting from the top left).

  1. Original flooring, cleaned.
  2. Sealed plywood and container walls.
  3. Fire resistent Neoprene rubber, poured and dried (2-4 hours).
  4. Firm rubber and soil mixture, poured and dried (3-6 hours).
  5. Soft gel with suspended soil, poured and dried (3-6 hours).
  6. Furniture introduced (1-2 hours) and pathways established (1-2 weeks). Pictured from top left, clockwise: Leaning Log, Reclining Log, Brush Plush, Bookcase with Furniture Lifts, Entertainment Set Swivel, and Small Table (shown in Down position).

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