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Posted by on June 28, 2021

CompTIA Security+ Certification is a professional credential that enables IT professionals to get jobs with reasonably rewarding salary packages. Having passed the exam for this professional certification, the individual proves that he/she holds the requisite knowledge and practical skills to perform their job roles with professional competence.

So, having secured your Comptia Security+ certification would be really helpful if you wish to pursue a career in the IT industry.

Thus, Comptia Security+ would be helpful for you to find a dream job. Below are the advantages you would have after securing this professional certification.

You would be able to gain the attention of prospective employers because the certification would be a symbol of the professional competence you have.

CompTIA Security+ Certification would enable you to rank amongst the top candidates for mid to entry-level positions to deal with cybersecurity.

Because of the skill sets and practical experience you gain through Comptia Security+ Certification, you would be confident enough about the level of your professional competence.

So, you would be better equipped to pass the job interview for the position of cyber-security professional.

In short, the CompTIA Security+ Certification would be your valuable credential that would be helpful to a great extent in finding a well-paid job as a cyber-security professional. The CompTIA Security+ certification is the course that better equips IT professionals with the refined skills needed to solve various issues to secure and defend networks.

Jobs of CompTIA Security+ Certification

The CompTIA Security+ Certification is a course that paves the way for IT professionals to find and accept various job roles in the cyber-security industry. Here is the list of few popular job positions you may qualify for because of the skillsets you have earned through Comptia Security+ Certification.

Security administrator

Systems administrator

Security engineer

Security specialist

Junior IT auditor/penetration tester

Network administrator

Security consultant

What is the average salary of CompTIA Security+ Certification?

If you explore the average salary of CompTIA Security+ certificate holders, you will find a wide range of salaries being offered for specific job titles. It is because of the difference of pay levels offered in different cities and geographies in the US and across the world.

Here we will share an insight about the average salary for CompTIA Security+ Certification under various job roles. Also, you can search Security+ jobs on this link:

Systems Administrator:                                               USD: 66,000

Cyber Security Analyst:                                               USD: 76,000

Network Engineer:                                                        USD: 77,000

Information Security Analyst:                   USD: 72,000

Information Technology Specialist:         USD: 61,000

Cyber Security Engineer:                                            USD: 95,000

Are You Ready for a Career in Security?

If you wish to pursue a rewarding career in the IT industry, you may join Comptia Security+ out of the long list of CompTIA exam training options.  This certification course would definitely help you to qualify for a good salary job in the IT industry.

This certification course will equip you with the up-to-date knowledge and practical skills which are in great demand in the IT security industry for the job positions like Security administrator, Systems administrator and Security consultant, etc.


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