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Posted by on October 7, 2021

tantra therapists




The International House of Tantra is a global network of Tantra Therapists and Bodyworkers, Couples, and Psychotherapists. They specialize in Natural/Oriented Love, consciousness development, and personal transformation. We are dedicated to transforming your awareness to awaken a deeper truth of your Being. Our group is an international collection of Tantra Therapists/MPs. We believe that Tantra is an experiential path to healing that can bring about profound changes in our consciousness. We offer Tantric teachings and massages worldwide. We work hand-in-hand with other modalities such as tantra yoga, Reiki, life energy, aura clearing, and tantra Japa.

Let’s examine two examples of an intense tantric healing session. The first example shows that a client might feel stress, anxiety, or tension. If a client has a physical condition, he or she might be suffering from it. The therapist and client then work together to address the underlying causes of these feelings through a number of interventions, such as aromatherapy, music, breathing exercises, journaling, meditation, mantras, affirmations, or prayer. This session of tantric healing is not about “passing the energy along between the client, the practitioner.”

In the second example, a client may feel trauma, fear, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, sadness, or other types of emotions. The client may be grieving the loss of a loved one or suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In this case, the tantric healing approach would be to assist the client in identifying and releasing the various emotions that are resulting from the trauma. For example, the client could begin to cry for his loss of a loved one or could be expressing gratitude for having been able to recover from his or her trauma. Both approaches are part of the path along the path of achieving the purpose and benefits of tantric healing.

The second example is the lingam massage. This type of massage is not typically done during a full-body therapeutic massage, but rather, is conducted on specific parts of the body or different areas of the individual’s body, at specific points along the massage path. Specifically, the massage targets the four meridians that run along the spine, as well as the nipple and the base of the clitoris. Tantra therapists who practice the yoni massage and other forms of tantra massage believe that energy that constantly flows from the male to the female, known as the sexual energy, can be redirected and transformed through the use of this special massage session.

The benefits of this type of therapeutic massage are believed to stem from the fact that the energy that is generated by this massage is believed to improve the focus and concentration of the individual. This focus and concentration allow the individual to more effectively express the positive feelings he or she is experiencing. In turn, these feelings lead to an increase in emotional stability and well-being. The therapists who are skilled at this type of massage believe that it helps clients deal with stress and other emotional issues.

Trauma retrieval is another example of tantra massage that addresses emotions. This technique allows therapists to identify and work with emotions that are associated with an occurrence that is distressing to the client. Common traumas that are associated with this technique include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. In addition to these common traumas, there are also mental traumas that are associated with a traumatic experience. As such, this technique is effective at addressing not only the physical pains that the client is experiencing but also those related to the emotional aspects of his or her life.

When the above-mentioned therapies are combined with a tantra massage, the client is said to have entered the tantra healing state. The client will be able to receive instructions from their tantra therapist regarding the repair of emotional or psychological wounds caused by a trauma experience. Most tantra therapists use their hands in this process since this is how it is most effective in terms of delivering the proper form of sensations that are required to heal trauma.

However, before tantra therapists begin treating any client, the first step in the tantric healing session includes a thorough discussion about the trauma that is causing the emotional blockage. During this stage, the therapist helps his or her patient unravel the various layers of emotions that are buried beneath the surface of one’s conscious mind. The healing process can then begin once this is complete. This includes aromatherapy and the introduction of a specific tantra technique called “Satsang”. These techniques allow the client to release emotional and physical pain. They create a combination of spiritual and physical energy on the client’s body, which allows the individual to heal their emotional trauma.


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