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Posted by on December 19, 2018

New features coming to Instagram soon: conference video chat, improved new Instagram Explore page, sharing your choicest song from Spotify to your story directly, everyone will soon be able to create their own filters on Instagram stories.

Facebook revealed a series of awesome Instagram updates to look out for in 2018 at the yearly developers’ conference. It was revealed how these new amazing features will help give you a whole new enhanced experience on Instagram. Here are the 5 awesome Instagram updates to look out for this year:

  1. First Glance at the new Explore page.

Instagram explore page has been subjected to various changes since it was launched in June 2015. The “picked for you” feature was included in 2016 and the ability to browse for hash-tags and locations was added in 2017.

However, the biggest improvement to the Explore page of Instagram was revealed at the Facebook annual developers’ conference, which gives you the first glance at the new redesigned Explore page of Instagram.

The new Explore page of Instagram also gives you the ability to search contents by your interests and tastes through the new feature.  So instead of seeing the contents that Instagram thinks you want to see, you will have the ability to choose the contents you really want to see be it news, entertainment, fashion or sports. This way you would be able to control what you see.

Tamar Shapiro a data scientist at Instagram said the improved Explore page of Instagram is going to be powered by an “augmented artificial intelligence” with CCCS (content classification and curation signals). This will result in an easy-to-use experience and also gives user the ability to personalize the experience.

  1. Conference video chat

According to Zuckerberg’s 2018 developers’ conference keynote, it was revealed that most people use video chat to hangout when they can’t be together physically. Zuckerberg said that Instagram will launch its own live video call; this feature will give Instagram users the opportunity to talk with one or more people privately on a video chat.

When this new feature is out, a camera icon will be seen at the top of any Instagram private DM. When the icon is tapped, it calls other user or users. This chat can be minimized so the user can continue scrolling through Instagram.

  1. Personalized Face Filters

One of the key themes of this year’s F8 was the emphasis on virtual reality and augmented reality. Though this sounds like a technology in the far future but you likely interact with augmented reality from day to day.

The adorable face filters on Instagram is a good example of augmented reality as a part of your everyday reality and create so much fun. And real soon, brands and individuals will have the ability to share their own personalized filters on Instagram story.

At last year F8, the AR camera feature was introduced to Facebook, which gives creators the ability to develop their own 3D effects. Now this AR camera feature is being introduced to Instagram! This implies that developers, influencers and brands will have the ability to create their own personalized Instagram filters using Facebook AR Studio.

However, the only way you can use these filters is if you follow the brand or influencer on Instagram.

  1. Filtering Out Instagram Trolls Harassing Comments

Instagram first announced in September 2016 a feature with the ability to filter comments with keywords. This update was a huge step in eliminating verbal assaults from Instagram, and now it has been announced that Instagram is taking this feature to the next level.

The anti-harassment feature uses a learning machine to pin-point words that’s intended to verbally assault or bully people. When these words are identified, the harassing comment will be deleted automatically.

The feature is enabled automatically for all users, but if you wish to see unfiltered comments you have to disable this feature.

  1. Share Favorite Songs to Instagram from Spotify

One of the trends on Instagram these days is to post screenshots of what you are listening to your Instagram story, but this experience is not actually that much fun seeing you can’t listen to it.

Now, when you listen to an album, playlist or a song on Spotify and you love it and you wish to share on your story, all that is needed is to tap on the new “share” button in Spotify. The song will appear in form of a sticker in your story, the sticker is a link to the song on Spotify app.

In addition, users have the ability to share their GoPro videos directly to Instagram story. This sharing to story feature is starting with Spotify and GoPro with more apps coming soon.


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