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Posted by on August 10, 2021


For as long as people have been selling things, there has been one major problem: convincing the customer to buy your product or service. Savvy sales professionals know that the road to a single “yes” can be paved with “no’s,” and possess the skills, determination, and tools to effectively close the deal.

But what about when people shop online? It’s not exactly possible for salespeople to connect on a personal level with each customer who browses items via the company’s website. Despite their best efforts, sales teams find it challenging to connect with customers, help them overcome any objections or obstacles, and effectively make the sale. What’s an e-commerce business to do?

Fortunately, we live in an age where a practical, efficient, and often quite affordable solution exists- the AI chatbot! Websites have been using chatbots for several years now to assist customers with their purchases, provide recommendations, and answer any questions they may have about a product or service. Choosing to add an AI chatbot can help your organization overcome common sales obstacles, and even go a long way toward increasing your bottom line!

Tips for Boosting Sales and Driving Conversions With an AI Chatbot

Choose Wisely

As with a number of other things in life, not all AI chatbot platforms are created equal. Make sure you select a chatbot that employs natural-language processing to allow customers to receive organic-sounding replies to their questions. (And if you’re worried whether your customers will take to an AI chatbot, here’s a statistic for you: a whopping 61% of consumers say they prefer to interact with a chatbot and enjoy the quick, effective responses they receive. 

Make it Personal

Just because your customers are interacting with an AI doesn’t mean they should have to sacrifice the personal touch! Today’s sophisticated AI chatbots are often tough to distinguish from human chat representatives, thanks to the “personalities” their creators have given them. Give your chatbot its own name, persona, and even backstory to up the human factor and keep your customers engaged and entertained.

Build a Great FAQ Database

One key thing to remember when implementing your AI chatbot is that the more detailed and robust a list of queries and responses you program, the more helpful and efficient they will be. By creating a database filled with frequently-asked questions and their fleshed-out answers, you’ll be adding to the user experience and giving your customers what they were looking for, which should significantly reduce your bounce rate!

AI chatbots will never completely replace humans in the workforce because what we bring to the table is so essential. However, online shoppers will enjoy the added convenience and personalized experience they get from working with a chatbot to help them decide whether to make a purchase, they will be less likely to look elsewhere for what they need. Make 2021 the year your company invests in an AI chatbot- you won’t be sorry!


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