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Posted by on October 5, 2022

If you are looking for a hair transplant, Turkey is a popular destination for medical tourism and hair transplant surgery. These procedures are relatively inexpensive in Turkey, and the quality is excellent. FUE or FUT hair transplant Turkey procedures can improve your self-esteem, body image, and confidence. By visiting Turkey for this procedure, you can enjoy high quality surgery at an affordable price, while enjoying the sights and sounds of this beautiful country.

What is the FUE method?

FUE is a surgical procedure that allows hair to be transplanted to areas that aren’t covered by hair. After shaving the scalp, the hair transplant surgeon inserts follicles via a series of small incisions. This procedure leaves no visible scars and is painless. A person will typically experience swelling and discomfort after the procedure, but this is minimal.

This procedure is ideal for patients with very little hair or who are suffering from balding. Individual hair follicles are removed from the donor area. The transplanted hair takes several months to grow. The transplanted hair will begin to grow naturally after the surgery. The transplant procedure is performed under local anesthesia to prevent discomfort. The hair follicles are taken from the nape. 

FUE is the newest technique for hair transplantation. Unlike traditional hair transplant methods, this procedure uses tiny incisions and channels to extract individual hair grafts. While the FUE method is very effective, there are a number of risks associated with this procedure. Infection, bleeding, and acceptance binding are common side effects of the procedure. Other important side effects include the shedding of unwanted hair and numbness/tingling in the area.

FUE hair transplantation can be effective for individuals with thinning or bald spots. The procedure is natural-looking and leaves no scarring on the patient’s scalp. Patients often return to their daily lives within days. FUE is also suitable for all seasons.

This technique is an alternative to the DHI hair transplantation procedure. This procedure involves opening up canals in a patient’s donor area in order to harvest hair follicles. This is a more advanced method than DHI hair transplantation, as it allows for more grafts.

Why the favorable prices in Turkey

Because of its low cost, Turkey is a top destination for hair transplant surgery. Turkey supports domestic manufacturing which eliminates shipping, logistics, and customs costs. This helps to lower the cost of hair transplants in Turkey and other cosmetic procedures. However, a lot depends on the patient’s budget. A good surgeon should be able to provide you with the best results at an affordable price.

The reputation of the surgeon who performs hair transplantation is another factor that can affect the cost. Experienced surgeons are more likely to provide better results. Moreover, they are more familiar with potential complications. The reputation of the surgeons at the clinic can also impact the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey.

The price of hair transplantation in Turkey depends on the quantity of grafts used. To determine the number of grafts required, a surgeon will examine the patient’s scalp. The average cost per graft ranges from $0.8 to $1.2. Many clinics offer packages to their patients.

Turkey offers many doctors who perform hair transplants. However, the price difference between clinics is large. The best surgeons are at the top of the priest list, so it’s advisable to do your research before selecting a hair transplant clinic. Reviews about the doctor and clinic are also important.

Turkey’s reputation as a country that offers affordable hair transplants has made Turkey one of Europe’s most visited tourist destinations. Turkey’s surgeons are highly skilled and experienced, so complications can be minimized. Turkish prices are also much lower than those in Europe and the United States, which makes it an ideal option for many patients.

The type of hair transplant procedure performed in Turkey will affect the cost. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are two of the most popular methods. FUE is about ten times more expensive than FUT. FUE takes eighty-nine times longer than FUT.

A good hair transplant in other European countries can cost between four and fifteen thousand dollars. But in Turkey, the cost of a thousand hair grafts can be as low as two thousand dollars.

The benefits of the Cosmedica Clinic

One of Turkey’s most renowned hair transplant clinics is the Cosmedica Clinic. This clinic offers a wide range of hair transplant procedures and uses state-of-the-art techniques to restore hairlines. Dr Levent Acar is the clinic’s director. He is a highly skilled surgeon who specializes in hair transplant procedures. He has performed thousands of hair transplants and is constantly researching the latest innovations in the field.

The Cosmedica Clinic offers both traditional and FUE hair transplant procedures. The cost of these operations varies according to the number of grafts needed, the size of the area to be treated, and the technique used. In addition to these costs, Cosmedica Clinic offers packages that include everything from consultations and preoperative appointments to the cost of the surgery.

Turkey’s hair transplants are significantly cheaper than the UK. One of the reasons for this is the currency difference. The Turkish Lira is about 10 times less expensive than the Euro and the US dollar. In addition, Turkey’s government financially supports hair transplant clinics and encourages medical tourism. This allows Turkey to offer hair transplant surgery at competitive prices, without sacrificing quality.

The Cosmedica Clinic offers top-quality hair-transplant services at a reasonable price. It also offers a wide selection of experienced doctors, a low foreign exchange rate, and luxurious all-inclusive packages. The Cosmedica Clinic is a very popular destination for hair transplants in Turkey.


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