Top collection of Rakhi and gift combos for delivery throughout the nation


Rakhi is an occasion with love between the sibling. A rope tied on the wrist of a brother does not signify a ritual, rather it is a rope of bond which protects the sister as the brother promise to save her from any type of situations. The gifts are also exchanged during this occasion. Just a week or two before this Rakhi day, the shops will display different designs and collections of rakhi. People visit the shops and make it overcrowded. Due to this endless demand, the online gift shops have also made such rakhi collections available on their website. You can now get these reaches to any location throughout the world.

Types of Rakhi combos

  1. Rakhi with chocolates

If you have a very young brother may be of age between 5-6 years, chocolate will be a great gift for him.  You can order a rakhi which has a wide dial with very attractive decoration with stones, chukka’s button etc. Kids normally love to get an item which is glittering in nature. With that rakhi, you must get a lovely chocolate which is tasty and suite your brother’s choice.

  1. Rakhi with a lovely coffee mug

Today, the personalized gift items are having a great demand in the market. Something to remember for the lifetime needs to be associated with a small but unique item. If your brother is of 25-40 years of age, send him a pack of the personalized coffee mug. You can print the picture of yours and your brother exchanging good moment over the coffee mug. Along with it, there must be a rakhi which is not very glittery or very formal. You can go for a sober collection in online Rakhi delivery in India.

  1. Rakhi with a wallet

There is another way of surprising your brother who stays quite far. Do you know what? It is the perfect combo of a wallet and a rakhi. Gents normally need a wallet to keep their money. Using a wallet for a long time will make it ruin absolutely. Now, being a sister if you can gift him a wallet along with rakhi, that will be a wonderful impact. Your brother will get a useful gift. Every time he uses this wallet he will remember you.

  1. Neck tie, deo and a rakhi combo

Is your brother between the age of 40- 50 years? He must be holding a very good position in corporate, academics and other fields. Thus, an item that can be utilized in an official meeting and day to day utility will be great. If you can choose a combo of neck time and deo , he will be very happy as he needs the necktie in variety. Also, the deo within the combo pack is of a great use. This will keep your brother stay fresh and odor free.

  1. Men cosmetics and rakhi combo

Today, even men are using a variety of cosmetics. Thus, gifting such branded cosmetics to your brother during the rakhi will be a great idea. A very simple rakhi with the combination of cosmetics will be a great idea.

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