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Console Commands

Heart of Iron IV console commands

This is a war strategy based simulation game which is extremely complicated by nature. The players have to pay attention to every minute detail and a lot of things have to be managed and focused upon simultaneously which makes it difficult for the players sometimes. This is when the cheat codes come into role. These codes enhance the player performance and help make the gameplay easier and the environment simpler for playing. Cheat console has to be activated to be able to use these commands. On pressing ctrl and tilde key (~) together, the console prompt appears where codes are written.

Heart of Iron IV console commands

Heart of Iron IV console commands

Cheat codes and their uses

teleport(tp) [provinve id]= Used to teleport the desired armies or ships to specific province.

theatersrebuild(trebuild)= Rebuilding of all the theaters in the game.

fronts= Makes the foreign fronts visible to player.

traderoutes= It shows the trade routes.

allowdiplo(adiplo,nocb)= Allows usage of diplomatic actions without considering any rules.

debug_nuking= Allows nuking of any province without checking conditions.

reloadsupply(relsup)= Restores all supply systems.

deltat [speed factor]= Controls speed of animations.

nomapicons= Toggles icons on maps.

nopausetext= Toggles pause button for taking better screenshots.

morehumans(human) [num]= Addition of humans according to number.

reloadinterface= Entire interface is reloaded.

reloadtechnologies= Technology database is reloaded.

updateequipments= Equipment database is updated.

updatesubunits= Subunits database is updated.

research_on_icon_click= A technology is researched using technology tree icon.

add_autonomy [(Target country tag)][num]= Change autonomy level of a country.

annex [target country tag]= Start annexing specified country.

winwars= Get maximum score in wars across the world.

testevent [event id][character id]= Just test an event without actually triggering it.

manpower [amount]= Addition of manpower.

resign= The Player resigns from the game.

add_diplo= Addition of diplomatic enroute.

observe(spectator)= Just watch the game and events going on in war without involving in it.

savegame= Creates a save file and saves the game.

aircombat(airc) [<scenario name>] [<result name>] [<province id>] [<state id with airbase>] [<state id with airbase>] [<equipment type>] [<equipment type>] [<equipment creator country>] [<equipment creator country>]= Start air combat in the desired area.

cityreload= Reloads all the cities.

error= Displays the error log.

focus.AutoComplete= Immediately completes all the national duties.

focus.NoCheck= Ignores the focus requirement.

airealism= It enables realistic Al.

instant_prepare= Makes naval invasions ready instantly.

instant_wargoal= Allows justification of war goals on countries.

gain_xp [amount]= Increases the experience of desired person by certain mount.

cp [amount]= Addition of command power.

st [amount]=It adds stability.

ws [amount]= Provides support during war.

whitepeace(wp) [country tags]= Maintain peaceful relations with some countries.

add-opinion [country tag]= Add an opinion to or from a tag.

xp [xp amount]= Provides army, navy and air experience to players.

setowner [country tag] [state id]= Assign an owner to a state.

setcontroller [country tag] [province id]= Set a province controller.

nu [number]= Add national unity as per requirement.

yesman= Al accepts all the diplomatic offers.

rendertype= Reports about the type of render backend used.

tweakergui= Spawning of a tweaker GUI.

massconquer(massc)= Used for mass conquering.

add_ideas[idea name]= Addition of ideas with specified id to the country.

deleteallunite(delall)= It deletes the armies and fleets of specified country.

fronts= Used for toggling the visibility of foreign fronts.

aidump= It dumps all the Al front data to log files and requires a unit to be selected.

poll= Runs a poll for desired events.

pause_in_hours= It allows the player to pause the game for certain hours as mentioned.

debug_achievements_clear= This clears all the achievements and statistics of the player.

reloadweather[randomseed]= Used to change or regenerate weather.

This is the list of important cheat codes that are more frequently used by the player. Apart from this few other codes are also present that affect various minute features of the game.


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